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    I haven’t been sleeping properly/well for the last 2 months or so. I think mostly to do with where I live, it’s too near a main road. (I’m lucky if I get 5 hours or so, I can’t get to sleep at night, once I do I often wake up, and I never sleep in late. I need more than that.)
    The first few weeks on the diet I slept fine – so I’m not blaming the diet.


    All the foods recommended for helping you sleep are not permitted, so I’m wondering if anyone else has had simliar problems and if you’ve any ideas?

    I’m sure lack of sleep is very detrimental to any healing, and makes me ill in itself.


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    I would try out PS-100 (phosphatidylserine) to help you sleep; it has no side effects but only benefits. It’ll help with the brain fog as well.



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    If your going to try phosphatidylserine, and it doesn’t help much, then you should consider trying Phosphorylated Serine instead. It’s basically the same thing but more bio-available than phosphatidylserine. I use seriphos every night and wouldn’t be without it. I take 1 tablet around 20 mins before bed.

    Something else you could use to help is a little melatonin. I sometimes use 1 x 1mg time released tab and find that to be enough. Ive never taken more than 1 mg.

    Another thing that i recommend is L’Theanine powder, it’s great stuff and find it really calms me for bed time. I’m not using it at the moment as i’ve ran out but i used to take between 1-1.5 grams before bed.
    Hope this helps you out 🙂 Ive been suffering from insomnia for nearly 3 years now because i had an adrenal crash of some kind, that may have been helped along by candida.


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    I take a 3mg capsule of melatonin but you can’t take it long term everyday.

    NaturalCalm or magnesium is also really good at improving restful sleep.

    What about a pair of good earplugs? That’s about as natural as they come! 🙂


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    I’ll have a look for some of these things – does anyone know about their UK availability? I know that melatonin is not sold over the counter here – not sure about the others.

    Earplugs don’t work – either they actually don’t work, or all they do is sort of…internalise the noise, so maybe I can’t hear the cars so much, but I’m more aware of my heartbeat/pulses.
    (didn’t mention that – if I lie the wrong way in bed, my heartbeat keeps me awake even without the earplugs!)

    But I’ll write these down and do some hunting.


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    I would advise everyone to invest in Cedrus Bath Oil from Molton Brown and the Cedrus Temple Sooother. One for relaxing at home and one to help you relax on the go. Highly rated products and I managed to get them for 40% off in Bristol! They are both incredibly effective.

    FYI they cost me £25 for both whilst both usually would set you back £43. BUY!

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