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    So I have been browsing this site for a couple weeks and I now believe that candida has been the cause of a very anxious childhood and now adult life. I am currently 24 and have come across candida in the past couple of years although only now seem to see it as the culprit. So, when I was 17, I started to develop cystic acne pretty much anywhere on my body. Even though my dermatologist has said that it’s cystic acne I noticed that it behaved very differently from typical acne, almost like it was mimicking how fungus would spread. I have been looking for an acne cure since then and have done all of the cleanses and diets. The best results that I received was from a paleo lifestyle, my skin got a lot better but it took me some years to connect the gut/skin problem connection. All the way up to this point none of my cysts scarred but somewhere around July of last year I got two huge cysts on my cheek and they scared along with another on my left, this is something new I am dealing with which ultimately led to even more anxiety and depression (I have dealt with both these mental conditions since late childhood). From July to late November these were my symptoms. Acne, seborrehic Dermatitis, headaches, joint pain, brain fog, anxiety, depression, diarrhea, undigested food in stool, general malaise, suicidal thoughts. After seeing me on the verge on suicide my doctor suggested that I start taking effexor XR which is a SNRI for the foreseeable future. This medication has helped me A LOT but I want to take a more holistic approach to healing my spirit and body back to normal functioning state. Does anyone out there with candida issues have acne or seborrehic dermatitis? These are the last two things that I can not seem to get rid of and I am wondering if these may not even be candida related issues but rather another systematic problem.


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    Well all of your symptoms may or may not be related to candida…but its great that you want to turn things around and address your health problems.

    If you can afford it, I recommend doing some candida testing and/or consulting a naturopath about the best treatment plan and whether this diet/protocol will work for you.

    The skin problems could be related to more simple things like stomach acid levels:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx

    If you have undigested foods in your stool, you could have gut dysbiosis. This takes a special treatment plan to get over. Headaches are related to inflammation and this takes a special protocol to get over…

    In general, it sounds like your digestive health is not ideal and this needs to improve for your overall general health…

    Hope this helps!


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