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    Could this be related to Candida? (Sorry, Not sure how to scale the Images down on the Forum)

    I get this on a my hands, mostly on my fingers. These pictures are a pretty bad case. they come and go.



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    Reviving an old thread, but thought I’d mention that this does look like Candida to me. Especially if they come and go, ebb and flow, and grow out. Looks like there is some nail fungus there, too. I used to have these kinds of things develop at various sites on my body – weirdly, they would go away and always come back at the same site (I’ve since realized that they never really “went away”). I’ve had it worse than this (impetigo, shingles, etc.), and I’ve had it lesser than this (jock itch, dandruff, flaky skin). I still have issues with itchiness, and at times (seems to coincide with the moon phases, etc.), I still have some breakouts, but as long as I’m on the Candida diet and working a program it is fairly minor and manageable. I hope you found some relief and ways to lessen the discomfort and embarrassment of these kinds of issues – or at least someone stumbling across this finds it helpful.

    One thing I have found that helps with skin infections – a concoction of essential oils rubbed on the site. I usually use coconut oil as a base and add tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass and oregano oil if it doesn’t bother you. Hope this helps!


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    This is dyshidrotic eczema, and yes it is caused by candida. It is a particularly nasty and virulent eczema that is extremely difficult to eradicate and your MD probably doesn’t even know what it is. The diet to treat this is even more restrictive than the ‘regular’ anti-candida diet. Eggs, nuts, seeds, are a no-go. No fruit at all. Basically just veggies, both cooked and raw. Nothing you apply topically will really help.

    The good news is that your case doesn’t look too bad. Google it and you’ll see some really horrible examples. Do some further research on this specifically, and go from there. Good luck.


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    I agree with you Vegan, but I don’t think it’s accurate to say “Nothing you apply topically will really help.”

    I have experimented with nearly every imaginable topical over the years, and my experience is that some help, some help only for a time, some don’t seem to do anything and some make things worse. Some may help only through psychosomatic means, but hey, if it works then it gets the job done.

    Things that have worked for more in the past:

    Yogurt: Rubbing it on an affected area would give me instant relief from itching and redness. Over time this seemed to lose it’s effect, and I began to suspect dairy sensitivities so I stopped using it. But, at least for a time, it was a godsend for jock-itch and other dermal issues related to Candida.

    Apple Cider Vinegar: This one was hard to tell sometimes if it was helping or hurting, but there’s something my intuition likes about the sting of this killing bacteria when I apply it to my skin (sometimes I would do it without even diluting it). Again, it didn’t seem to work long-term, and at times I was on-the-fence about it, but still, it provided some relief to the itching and the redness, etc. Kind of a harsh way to go about it, though.

    Essential Oil Concoction: I noted this in my reply above – this is the only thing that has worked for me long-term, and given that it is fairly mild and Candida cannot develop resistance to it (at least from my understanding), this has been the best approach for me. I use coconut oil as my base, and add things like tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass, rosemary, clove oil, oregano oil, etc. I try to only add one harsh anti-fungal (like oregano/clove) at a time, and rotate them.

    Has this cured my skin issues completely? No. But, along with a strict diet like you mentioned, it helps to keep the wolves at bay. I find that the peppermint/tea tree oil is instantly soothing, and helps reduce itchiness. Sometimes just having a temporary relief from the itching goes a long way mentally for me, as it’s something that’s always there and weighing on my spirits. Anyway, I apply it to affected areas every night, and recommend applying it, especially in the groin area because it will be absorbed and help fight Candida at ground zero.

    Hope this helps someone else out there dealing with these skin issues. If nothing else, definitely stick to the “more restrictive” diet and you will find relief.

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