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    My sister has also been on antibiotics all her life. Numerous ear infections as a child and she was on antibiotics for her skin much longer than I was. She’s been discussing some of the problems that she has been noticing, and they’re spot on to what I was experiencing a few years ago. I told her she needs to start this diet now and knock things out early.

    The only problem, is that she’s a vegetarian. Nothing wrong with this of course, but I’m worried that since she can’t eat soy products and other things that give her protein, that she wont be getting enough protein.

    Are there any other vegetarians on this diet?

    She already eats fish occasionally, mostly because she was just withering away to nothing. She’s good at eating her veggies, but she’s horrible about supplementing the protein she isn’t receiving. She’s also a huge sugar head.

    I know we can get fresh fish at our local Krogers. But any other ideas for protein?

    I’m just looking for some advice and meal ideas for her. Some ideas on how she can get major protein without eating her soy products and any beans.

    Any advice and help would be great! Thanks!


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    Her diet won’t be much different from all others, since she eats fish. It will even be exactly the same as every one elses diet, except for the chicken.
    Good protein sources: hemp seeds, chlorella or spirulina, fish, eggs, buckwheat and kefir.


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    teabon;49890 wrote: Are there any other vegetarians on this diet?

    I’m a vegan and I don’t have problems getting protein on this diet. I did go through a period of weakness, so twice a day I put a tablespoon or two of Chia seeds in a bottle of water, soaked for at least 10 minutes, and drank/chewed it. Lemon juice can flavor it if she can tolerate it – I couldn’t. That didn’t seem to help me much.

    Taking 2000mg of Vitamin C at breakfast and 1000mg at lunch is what boosts my energy more than the protein drink.

    Basically, it’s difficult to get enough healthy calories eating vegan, so I had to slow down a little, but I can still enjoy the gym, etc at a slower pace.

    I did this strict diet last year for about 3 months without eating meat/eggs. I had a set back recently so I did the strict diet again for 12 days and now I’m adding a few things.


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    There are lots of vegetarians that have done the diet. I would do some forum searching about it. They have found good sources of protein. Rice contains protein…if she got a rice protein powder this could help. She could make smoothies and add the rice protein powder.


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