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    So i’ve been on this diet for almost 4 months- it was seemingly starting to work- my skin rash and anal itching had all but went away- i have done colon cleansing, liver flush parasite cleanse- have been cleansing kidneys by drinking a tea of loose leaf herbs of about 10 different herbs
    taking the following antifungals and pills- grapefruit seed extract, fresh ginger, MSM, choella, tumeric, candidate, normally 3x a day- also take milk thistle

    I started taking baking soda because i read it kills candida, also did castor oil packs for about a week straight, and my rash finally went away

    SO i tried testing new foods, potato’s seemed fine, but then had bean sprouts and ate kettle potato chips- probably not a good idea but i thought it would be ok- and my rash that was all but gone- was super bad in the morining, it spread so much in one night i cant believe it, looking into the forum i’m thinking maybe i have low HCL, i will do the baking soda test in the morning- Has anyone else had this happen? this is the second time now i’ve got rid of the rash and it’s come back super bad and super fast- and getting so frustrated- now it’s spring and i’m too embarrased to wear short sleeves, this is really intolerable- is there anything else i should be trying? i thought that doing a liver and kidney detox would be enough, and i don’t understand how a rash can come back in one fucking day- it’s just crazy, should i stop taking baking soda? i was taking very large doses, probably a tablespoon or more a couple times a day


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    I wouldn’t focus on cleansing I would focus on supporting your liver. One thing I would look at is whether the skin condition coincides with cheating on the diet. If it does then it means the cheat item is too toxic. It takes a long time to clean out the toxins from the body…

    If you become constipated the toxins stay in the body…keeping the flow going is key. Try to aim for 3 bm’s per day as your goal.

    I would focus on liver health and candida numbers. Both of these are not going to get better quickly. The stomach acid problem is likely something that applies to you; I would research about zypan vs. betaine HCL and what makes them different.

    Once your digestion improves, you likely will see that your skin condition improves until you get constipated again.


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