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    Hi there,

    I am wondering what the symptoms are if you do wind up eating something that feeds candida? Would it be bloating, gas, sore throat, headache?

    How long after you eat something do you feel these symptoms?



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    Hey there,
    The symptoms can be very different for everyone. For me it’s cystic acne, athlete’s foot, flaky scalp, bloating, diarrhea/constipation etc. It just depends on the frequency of your cheating, how much you ate, how bad your infestation is, etc.


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    I think some may also resemble die off symptoms, so it can be tricky with the general symptoms that many different things can be the cause of. For example, I started Innate Response 50-14 DDS-1 probiotic on Saturday (1 am, 1 pm). By Monday-Tuesday, I was a little bloated and my digestion and movements were slightly (yet noticeably) “slower” the past couple days. I have not cheated or diverted from diet, so I am led to believe the new addition of the DDS-1 probiotic is helping kill candida, and thus my small spike of die off symptoms.

    However, there are many different causes of bloat and feeding candida can certainly be one of them. Other personal symptoms of mine include break outs, mucous/phlegm, lethargy, harder to breath (I am asthmatic and following anti-candida diet I have eliminated my need for my Advair medicine), and bloating or instant weight gain.


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    I get constipated, my hemorrhoids explode, I also used to get some other symptoms. These include ringing ears, runny nose, headaches, heart palpitations, the leaky gut burn symptom I’ve mentioned over and over, twitching, etc. Also energy changes are another one I notice.

    If you do not get better, this is also something to be a cause for concern.


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