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    So I’m taking a shotgun approach and taking a few different antifungals at once, full dosage, and will start increasing them if I feel ok.

    But how do I know when one of them is working? I read one post, maybe on another site, suggesting I’ll see something white in my stool.

    Should I give it 2 weeks before switching to another set or increasing dosage? Longer?

    Or if not white things in my stool, I assume I’ll get die-off. People keep complaining about die-off, but isn’t that a really great sign to be celebrated? Isn’t that exactly what we want? Sure, it feels bad, but isn’t that part of the process? I’m confused as to why we should lower the dosage if we get die-off, assuming we can take some sick days. Isn’t lowering dosage just giving the candida a break and giving it a chance to become resistant or rebuild? Isn’t the idea to hit it as hard as possible as fast as possible to maximize chances of killing it all?

    And I guess I mean signs of progress other than some of my symptoms going away. Having a clear head, no fatigue, no dry skin, etc, etc. But I assume those things, or some of them, may take longer than the earliest signs that something has happened. Maybe I just need to wait and pay attention?


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    Well for most people, you should feel bad even with a low doseage such as one drop of a given antifungal (if a liquid). Keep in mind that the antifungals won’t cure your infestation by itself because they just kill yeast. The yeast is going to be able to survive this so this isn’t a sprint, but more of a marathon.

    Here’s a post about it:

    If you don’t have any die-off then your liver is either healthy and/or your don’t have a yeast problem.



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    I never really got any die-off from different antfungals. I had a bit of fatigue early on, but put that down mostly to switching to a low-carb diet, and a bit of die-off maybe.
    My tongue got a little better, and I had a little more acne for about a month, probably because of the toxins.
    I tried oil of oregano for about 1.5 months and for the first dose I had what you describe as a ‘battle’ going on in my gut. It was die-off, but probably killed a lot of bacteria too. I upped it gradually to 18 drops spread throughout the day, stopped then started probiotics and still had no die-off.

    However, my tongue has not gone away, and has got worse as I’ve eaten larger amounts of oat bran and coconut cake that I make. So despite the signs, I know my infestation has not really improved. I aim to inroduce nystatin enemas to really attack them from both sides.


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    I found that a product that sells in several markets is called Candida Rescue.On-line too.
    It looks like it gets re-packaged but it’s about $10 for a 30 days liquid supply.
    It has about 6 of the major anti fungals all in one. I take probiotics in the morning and the anti fungals in the evening so they don’t interfere. It seems to be working great. I haven’t experienced any die off since the very beginning and my energy is back, my brain fog is gone, im happy, making jokes, im so extroverted now, just like I used to be. Start off easy with the recommended dose and if your ok ramp it up.

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