Sickly tired feeling, poor GI health, and white fuzz. Could that be candida?

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    Hey guys!

    I’m 24 and F.

    I asked elsewhere but got next to nothing..I decided to come here for more input and see if anyone else’s experiences match up to mine.

    Symptoms: Stuff like…brain fog, disorientation, stomach pain, sluggishness (I call it a sickly fatigue), eye pressure, GI issues (like constipation 99% of the time). Also what seems to be frequent yeast issues down below that have gone on for years. I recall back in community college it was worse; I was also eating the worst back then.

    This is gone on for many years, these symptoms.

    I’m torn on what’s causing it. All I know is that literally on the 4 or so solid days I’ve had this past year, my GI system changed a loooot and for the better. For once I had garlic, coconut oil, beet root juice, etc. before the 3 good day streak too.

    One good day months before the streak…I didn’t eat anything for 30 hours beforehand and literally all my symptoms went away, including my asthma and pain. Even the test at the doc indicated my blood pressure and breathing were where they should be (every other test and day it indicated my lungs were at 60% capacity–good day? 100%. Inhalers don’t help at all). And also that I seemed much more regular GI wise.

    And…the infamous three good days. So, what really went down?

    I remember on the day beforehand just having white fuzz on my #1, clumps of it. Next day early on…I had the weirdest #2 of my life…with white fuzz on it. Either ways, looked very organic. I remember just gradually feeling better that day, like with the other two.

    But the part that makes me doubtful is that my mom bought me Carl’s Jr. that day on her visit to school. Two humongous burgers and a fry (I swear I’m a normal weight). The most unhealthy, probably candida-friendly thing I’ve had for a while.
    The other things i ate that day were harmless though–all healthy veggies.
    Considering that…is it even possible I was still experiencing a die-off?

    On those days generally my GI system was…well, other than the white fuzz growing, healthy and almost regular.

    Third day? I felt incredible…but then I started tanking again on the 4rth day unfortunately (had a ton of green tea lattes that night; free at a school event…felt incredible afterwards ofc for an hour though).

    I remember that night before the tank…my dormmates were just staring at me and one said, “wow, ____, normally you look so tired but today you look so alive.” And yeah. She has said I look like death pretty often btw, and I do see that in the mirror. I actually look 10 years older when I feel ill. Does anyone else get this? No?

    I don’t understand why my #2s were so much regular, and why every time I went, I saw a ton of that white fuzz on those 3 days… I have never seen the white fuzz otherwise. Peg me as being super confused.

    I’m asking here because I’m not sure if I should consider candida; it seems INCREDIBLY unlikely, but then again my body reacts unpredictably to food and just behaves so oddly. Like, usually it feels worse with sugar or oats or anything like that…but then I was feeling like a zombie this morning then had a sugary AF bar and felt better (I don’t have blood sugar issues either).


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    I’m not sure about the white fuzz, but the frequent yeast infections, fatigue, brain fog etc all sound like it could be Candida.

    Have you tried the diet? Check out the book, buy some probiotic foods, get some supplements, and try it for a month. It’s life-changing for many people. And it’s just a really healthy eating plan anyway, so you have nothing to lose…

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