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    **If this is posted in the right section my apologies – it looked like “Candida Stories” was just for people that had been diagnosed?

    If you scroll down you can see my current symptoms, where it starts in bold, but I think this history may be informative:
    23 Years Old
    6foot 1inch tall
    170 lbs
    Eat pretty Healthy
    Feel pretty healthy, but battling all these symptoms
    Get decent exercise

    I had my first severe stomach ache when I was 6 or 7 in the middle of the night. Since then they got worse and worse. Through my school years, mostly middle school and highschool, I was stick almost every morning. Extreme abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, nearly every day.
    In 2008, my senior year, a friend got me to go Gluten free (and although I knew dairy affected me I hadn’t cut it out completely) This helped a LOT – still does, but I still got sick a lot, it came and went, some months were worse than others.

    I got tested in 2009 by immuno labritories, which showed 21 foods I was “intolerant” too. The doctor was in shock. Many of these included lettuce, tomato, onion, beans, soy, any wheat / gluten products, and other daily food staples that are “healthy foods”. The diet helped even more, but I think it’s insane to not be able to eat a meal with other people. 21 food allergies is not something that’s easy to work with.

    They also tested for celiac – negative.

    Another side of my history is non-digestive. I was born with severe asthma and was on a nebulizer from a young age, I believe a year old or so. I’m pretty sure nebulizers use steriods, no? I could be wrong. Anyway, I was on asthma medication from nearly birth. Inhalers and nebulizers. A few times I’d get bronchitis and the doc would put me in various inhaled medications, and one time I had a 7-day series of steriod pills for my bronchitis. You took 7 pills the first day, 6 the next, 5 the next, then just one the last day. The 8th day, when I was done with the pills, I went crazy. I was in 2nd or 3rd grade I believe, and coming off the steroids sent me into a huge depression. I cried every morning when my parents would leave me for school, I cried in school, I cried at lunch, and then my parents had to go out of town for business – oh boy did I cry then. I was a MESS. And I knew it was the meds. But I couldn’t stop crying and balling over every little thing.

    I also had severe ear infections from a very young age. I was on medication because of this. They eventually put tubes in my ears and at about age 9 the problem went away.

    Also from infancy onward I had bad tonsilitis and tonsil problems. They were constantly infected and inflamed, I was on a lot of medication for them, they caused me, a 4 or 5 year old kid to snore louder than anyone my parents had ever heard, and eventually around 7 or 8 years old my parents removed my tonsils and adenoids. No more snoring or other issues from there since.

    ANOTHER part of history – I’ve always battled with fungus since I can remember. I remember being like 8 and having to get my dad’s athlete foot spray because I always had athletes foot. Still do to this day. It comes and goes but between my last two toes there’s always signs of it. Sometimes it itches and sometimes it get very painful.
    I’ve had problems with rashes in other areas as well, armpits, groin, etc. And a year ago while I was living in costa rica those typical rashes came and were itching non stop, and my entire upper body broke out in a rash for two months. It started on the front of my shoulders then spread across my chest, and all over my entire back down to my beltline where it faded off. It wasn’t itchy but a doctor confirmed it was fungus, but didn’t know what to do. The cremes they gave me didn’t help.
    I also got thrush once that was bad enough to have to go to the doc. It wasn’t as severe as what you see when you google thrush, my tongue wasn’t thickly covered like you sometimes see, but I had white growths all over my mouth that I was scraping off and my tongue hurt like heck. The mouthwash the doc had worked fast though. Before and after then I have had smaller bouts of what I’m assuming is still thrush. i constantly have white thrush-like patches and build-ups, especially where my wisdom teeth were removed and there’s empty space.
    NOW my CURRENT symptoms if anyone is still reading… 🙂
    (Scroll down for the quick check list)

    For the past few years my stomach problems are better and worse. Lately I don’t have tons of stomach pain, that’s pretty rare, but every single day I have not quite diarrhea, but it’s far from normal. I’d say “oatmeal” (gross I know) is the closest I can describe it. Every single day, usually in the morning, I’m in the bathroom for half an hour as it feels like my intestines want to completely empty.
    Some days this happens 4 or 5 times… at 20 – 30 min each that’s a lot of time on the John! 😛

    Every day on and off I have SEVERE brain fog. It almost feels like low blood sugar but I don’t have sugar problems, I’ve had that checked.
    I get comfused – so much so I don’t like being in a store without someone beside me, and it makes me nervous to drive. I feel like my body is in the real world, but my brain is in a jar somewhere else looking in. This comes and goes in severity, sometimes I don’t notice or I’ll get my mind off of it, other times it really is frustrating and scary.

    A similar / maybe the same symptom is my loss of focus / drive / creativity. Not really “depressed” so much as just lethargic. I just don’t care so much and don’t want to do a whole lot. It’s like I can only see what’s right in front of me, I can see “big pictures” or focus on more than one tiny thing at a time. I know this sounds psychological but I know my diet alone helps / hurts this symptom. It feels like by brain just can’t work right. Then randomly I’ll be walking home or sitting somewhere and it’s like the clouds open up and my head clears and it feels AMAZING!!! My brain kicks into gear and i have energy and creativity and then it slowly fades back to confusion…

    Very tired. Mostly in the mornings. By evening I’m doing ok, but mornings are complete HELL. Every single day I dread waking up because I am so tired I want to die, even with 9 or 10 hours of sleep.

    Mood swings / anger – this has been since I was little. I am a very patient person, pretty calm – but sometimes, especially when I’m in a “brain fog” I get so angry at everything and nothing. I shattered my windshield, dent walls, fridges, etc, I punch bite scream and tear (objects NEVER people!!!) but I do get very rude and mean to people – but I’d never hurt someone. Well, now – when I was younger I’d go crazy and rip out my sister’s hair and kick people but I was only 4 or 5!!!

    Sometimes I get severe anxiety and panic attacks.

    As mentioned, I have rashes / thrush come and go.

    I have joint – mostly hip – pain that comes and goes. It gets to the point where I limp and my wife jokes about it, but it really hurts! I get stiff easy and even walking up stairs my knees shoot pain. This comes and goes, but is usually not present – maybe once or twice a month – but has been getting more frequent lately.

    I get migranes a few times a year – probably unrelated.

    ALWAYS HUNGRY!!! This symptom gets better and worse, and it’s not too bad as of the past week or so. I know I’m a guy, guys can eat a lot, esp at 23, but It’s not just like I can eat, my body feels like it’s screaming FEED FEED FEED! And it almost panics me because I’ll eat everything we have to eat and feel starving, even when my stomach is full I still feel hungry, but that extreme-full feeling is usually enough to satisfy my body for the time being. And I try not to over-eat but I get grumpy and irritable when I feel hungry all day long. But it just feels like I’m starving to death sometimes.

    Also I crave a LOT of sweets and alchohol – something I’ve read on candida forums before.

    My weight jumps all over the place from 165 – 185 , never goes over or below that though.

    Occasional bouts of depression. These are usually short lived, a few days max, but it’s pretty severe. I don’t think straight and have some scary thoughts. These come and go with other symptoms, so I don’t think this is just “depression” on it’s own.

    So here’s the list summed up:
    I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting but, well, my brain is in a fog as usual so oh well.

    • Symptoms
    • Frequent loose stool – 3 – 5 times a day
    • Oily looking stool
    • Brain Fog / Confusion
    • Loss of focus, drive, energy, distracted
    • Tired, always
    • Mood Swings – Anger
    • Anxiety / Panic Attacks
    • Frequent Rashes, thrush
    • Joint Pain / stiff
    • Always Hungry
    • Crave sweets and alcohol
    • Weigh fluctuates from 165 – 185 regularly

    These symptoms come and go together, and honestly, I just with I felt like my mind was working. That’s the hardest part.
    Doing all the research I can, things keep leading me back to Systematic Candida Infection. Is it the cause? I’m not a doctor. But I wanted to get others’ input and advice.

    Thank you so much.


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    A lot of your symptoms are tied to toxicity of the body. The asthma is tied to toxins detoxing via your lungs, which is one of the 3 methods the body detoxes. The other two ways the body detoxes is via the skin and via the bowels/liver. Your inability to get up in morning, anxiety, and mood swings are all liver symptoms.

    A naturopathic doctor can likely heal all of these symptoms together just by getting you to detox out the toxins, going on a healthy anti-candida diet, and healing the liver.

    The other symptoms are more related to candida/digestion, etc. One thing to keep in mind is that if someone has candida, they also likely have parasites as well because they grow in a similar environment. Other illnesses/bugs that are similar to candida in symptoms is h.pylori and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and these can be diagnosed at most dr’s offices.

    Check out the candida symptoms list:

    The stiff joints and joint pain are related to minerals and lack of minerals (demineralization). Something could be taxing the body which causes you to lose minerals.

    What is the cause? There are multiple ones but prior antibiotic use is the single greatest cause. Have you ever taken antibiotics in your life? This destroys both the beneficial and bad bacteria in the gut and can lead to a gut flora imbalance.



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    This does sound quite a bit like candida, especially with your history of antibiotics and steroid inhaler use. I used to occasionally have to do a steroid 5 day pack for poison ivy and by the end of it, I would be an emotional wreck. I think sometimes steroids can cause damage to your nervous system in that way.

    On the other side, I think you should get checked by a doctor just to make sure that there is nothing else wrong. I don’t think it would hurt to get some blood work-up to make sure that you aren’t deficient in some vitamin or mineral. Also, have them check your inflammation levels to make sure you don’t have arthritis or fibromyalgia.

    I think in general, it is a good idea to be off of sugar and high carbohydrate foods anyway. So you might want to keep doing that until after you see a doctor.

    This does sound a bit like a psychological problem, a little bipolar-ish. Have you seen a psychologist or psychiatrist? I have GAD and depression, and while I think they are linked to the yeast, I do not think they will go away when I get rid of the yeast as these problems run in my family. Not saying that you have a psychological disorder, but you might want to consider going to see someone. A great deal of your symptoms can be attributed to a lot of different things.

    You could also try maybe starting one of the antifungals and see if you have die-off, that would be a give away that yeast is part of your problems.

    So sorry you are having to go through this, sounds like things are very tough for you dear.


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    Oh and Austin, I forgot to mention.. For foot itching/fungus problems, I have found that teatree oil works as well or better than anti-fungal cream. I usually put a little on the skin and then put a sock on. I don’t get it very badly, but I have never had the itching last more than a day or two with using teatree.


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    Candida (and leaky gut) can cause a whole host of psychological symptoms. Anxiety, depression, moodiness, irritability, hopelessness…just part of the package :/


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    My apologies for the silence, last few weeks have been hectic. Very encouraging to see input from others on this subject though! Especially with non-candida advice.

    Kag, I’ve been checked a few times, but I think the doctors were only looking at one or two specific things – cholesterol, Celiacs, but not the whole picture. I never really cared for the doctors in my area, they never listened and just threw pills at you, but now that I’m in Canada we’ll see if I can find someone a bit better.

    I’m going to try going zero sugar and carbs… which I crave like CRAZY so this will be a bit of a challenge, haha. But that’s ok.

    I’ve never seen a psychologist or psychiatrist, and have considered it much recently because I know I’ve got some issues in that department, but when I am physically healthy, I am mentally healthy, and when I’m doing physically worse – usually manifest in my digestive system – that’s when I have psychological-type problems. Makes me assume this is all just linked more to body, not mind, but I could be wrong.

    I’ve tried large amounts of garlic and daily doses of grapeseed extract, but it’s so hard to tell if I was feeling die-off or if it’s just my health going back and forth as usual.

    And thanks for the teatree advice, I’ll pick myself up some of that!

    Alexalgebra, that was my understanding too from my research, and have been wondering if that was causing many of my problems.


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    There is no way to completely avoid sugar because it is in everything; a head of lettuce contains 3g of sugar and a red onion contains 8g of sugar. You also need carbs to survive; this isn’t a no sugar or no carb diet but a low sugar and carb diet. Carbs is not what you should be worrying about; I would worry more about starches, whether the food is inflammatory, etc.



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    raster;39506 wrote: There is no way to completely avoid sugar because it is in everything; a head of lettuce contains 3g of sugar and a red onion contains 8g of sugar. You also need carbs to survive; this isn’t a no sugar or no carb diet but a low sugar and carb diet. Carbs is not what you should be worrying about; I would worry more about starches, whether the food is inflammatory, etc.


    Ok, that’s good to know.
    Would sugars include trying to avoid fruits as well? I’m organizing the diet now so it may explain that in there as well.
    Thank you!


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    Yes I would avoid fruits until later in your treatment. They bring some benefit but you should destroy the yeast before feeding it.

    I would look at trying to limit your sugar consumption to 25-50g per day in your diet if possible.



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    Yeah Austin, teatree oil is the bomb. I use it for a lot of things. I will tell you that I go to acupuncture, which isn’t as woo-woo as you would think. In chinese medicine, the body and mind are not separated. So, it stands to reason, when one part of our bodies, physical, go to hell, another part, our mind go to hell too.

    I have had a lot of issues with anxiety that have manifested themselves physically in my stomach.. so that is why I suggested it.

    I really think if you can get it done, you should have a full blood panel done, like a CBC. I had a point several years ago where I thought surely something must be really wrong with me. I had some really scary problems, and it turned out my iron was low. I am not trying to get your hopes up but I think it is important to rule out the obvious, eh?


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    Living in Canada at the moment, waiting for my residency papers / healthcare benefits, so while I really want blood work asap as many of y’all have recommended, I don’t have the pocket cash right now. But Hopefully soon I can get that done.

    Yesterday I got all I needed for the cleanse diet, not the colon cleanse but the milder diet. I made the three drinks and took them, ate some raw salads… not easy coming from a much more filling diet of meats and carbs. I was craving food like CRAZY… pretty sad for only one day, haha.

    Today I woke up feeling about the same as normal, took my morning detox drink, but walked a few blocks with my wife and got some groceries – and man I got SUPER weak and nauseous, a bit shaky. Not sure if it’s just from not eating enough or detox or all the new supplements I’m dumping into my system.
    Home now, a little less nauseous, but still starving!

    I don’t see Tomato on the Detox List, and I think it’s one of the confused fruit/vegetable foods, haha. Should I be staying away from them during the detox?



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    Yes, tomatoes have too high a sugar content for the cleanse or the diet.

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