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    So, my partner got me sick. I have been having sinus problems all week, been light-headed. Diet and stuff has been okay. I have been trying some new things, so it comes and goes. I got some crazy die-off, lots of bowel movements on Tuesday because I switched probiotics. I switched from hmf forte to megaflora 20 million. However, after that, it died down, and I think I have been feeling okay on it the past couple days.

    Any recommendations on how to get better? I have been bad and taking some otc stuff, and somebody said go to the doctor. No way! I am not going to take antibiotics and ruin my flora, just not going to happen. So any advice appreciated??


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    I was in similar situation few months back. It started like a flu, and was fighting not to take antibiotic. Then it came down a bit and remained with sinus problems only which I tried to threat naturally even it was obvious its bacteria (green/brown secret)…
    and it came down a bit… but it actually switched to instead going out of nose, to go back to middle ear and made me with strongest ear infection I’ve heard about so they had to do miringotomy to me (ear membrane drill to get out the fluid)…

    in total I’ve fighting with it for almost 2 months until I eventually took antibiotic, and it was the strongest one, double dose…

    my advice, if its really bacteria you better threat it with some low-strenght antibiotic right in beginning, you will gain your state back in few weeks… there is also good antibiotic-remedies protocol with increased probitics which did good result to me.
    Antibiotics did not hurt me too much, really!

    other advice, take loads of vit-c, GSE, Garlic… they are natural antibiotics…


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    Tons of sleep and rest. Take everything off your plate you can. Up your vit C. I take L lysine and astragalus through the cold and flu season as general immune support. I take umcka cold remedy (liquid) when I first feel something coming on. A friend of mine who is the director of communications at the health district and very science based swears by it. I also take monolaurin when I feel something coming on.
    I’d try garlic and lemon and cayenne mixtures, if I was desperate. I make chai tea with elderberries and rosehips (in addition to black pepper, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.) Green tea or rooibos would be great tea bases for it.
    Chicken stock made from a whole chicken carcass (feet if you can find them, they add antibacterial properties)
    Colds and flus are viruses and the best you can do is treat your immune system perfectly so that it can focus on doing its job.


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    Basically, what Sue said. You can take like 4000mg of Vitamin C a day without problems – I highly recommend it! Get lots of rest, drink tons and tons of water, take hot baths, eat nourishing foods (check out my Bieler broth recipe – it’s easy to make and really healing!)


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    Thanks everyone. I have called into work this weekend b/c I get real light-headed, but I have to go to the doctor to prob. get a note now. I have been sleeping a lot, and I made a great asparagus soup that is great going down.

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