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    Do any of you have SiBO? It was just brought to my attention as the possible cause for my illness. I have been treating candida with a strict diet and Nystatin and don’t seem to be getting better. My stomach is bloated to the point where I look pregnant (have been congratulated twice so far). My system is highly acidic 4.5. I just drastically cut the amount of chicken/turkey in my diet due to the high acid levels. I passed the Heidelberg test so stomach acids/enzymes are not the issue. Here are my questions:

    1) How did you diagnose your SIBO?

    2) What type of diet did you go on

    3) what supplements did you take to treat the SIBO?

    Thanks for any info you can provide.


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    Im bloated for the past 7 months and have been on antifungals for the past four month plus the diet. I think I have sibo too, stool test is probably the best way. Also the hydrogen breathe test but I think I read those are not accurate. If a GI dr says you have sibo you will be put on antibiotics which I m not doing. Peppermint oil pills are good for sibo, same with a lot of natural antibiotics. My biggest complaint is bloating and I m a 132 pound male that used to be in fantastic shape. Now I feel like a piece of crap. Having both is common


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    From my experience you need specific enzymes to attack sibo and a naturopath could prescribe them. Some people take antibiotics.



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    Question is do those antibiotics give you more yeast?

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