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    Hi all,

    I’ve spent a few months trying the Formula SF722 / Chelated Molybdenum combination which has helped greatly.

    I’d been using G-S-extract for many years previously but it had stopped working (it was brilliant at first!).

    I fully understand one has to alternate it with some other supplement to keep the old Candida at bay and wanted some pointers on which products to try?

    Am UK based so the exact item may not be available to me…..

    Is it Primrose Oil I was going to use?…..

    Any help would be greatly received!



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    Which probiotics are you taking? I would switch to a different antifungal for a bit such as caprylic acid. Antifungals won’t cure the infestation but probiotics will.



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    Wow, you’re really lucky that you didn’t destroy practically all of the beneficial bacteria in your intestines and colon. GSE contains strong antibacterial properties as well as antifungal properties. This is why the forum protocol tells you to never use it for more than two weeks.

    Are you taking virgin coconut oil? If not, you should add this to your treatment and you won’t have to worry about another antifungal. Just like SF722, you don’t need to alternate coconut oil with any other antifungal, plus it can benefit the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

    And just as Raster pointed out to you, you need to be taking a good probiotic and using homemade kefir if you have a Candida overgrowth. All of this is explained in the protocol.



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    I take acidophilus as a probiotic………

    I tried homemade Kefir but it wasnt really fermenting. I find Solgar Acidophilus very good.

    Virgin coconut oil sounds great, could you recommend a brand?

    Thanks, Si


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    Hi qunvat,

    In forum searches you can find lots of good information about which supplements like probiotics, anti-fungals, and vitamins you can take to aid your body in fighting off Candida. acidophilus alone does not provide your body with enough strains of bacteria to cure you. You have to take about 14 different strains of other types of bacterias.

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