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    Hi All, I’ve been researching on this site for months and finally decided on the right time to start the cleanse and the diet. Just a little background I’m 23 years old, have had candida for atleast 6-8 years, fairly thin (105lbs) and as soon as my candida errupts(pretty much every day i know when i’ve eaten something wrong)

    Anyhow- i began the cleanse on Sunday, right away pounding headache like severe (i am used to migraines and this was out of control) realized i needed to drink more water- and then bam by the end of the day im so nautious.

    Wake up the next day continue the cleanse and by 11AM i feel as if i am actually dying, fever, chills,headache, nausea, body aches, shaking, weakness, emotional, braing fog, heart palpitations,couldnt see my computer screen straight ( mind you i work full time didn’t think the die off would be THAT bad.)I tell myself tomorrow will be better, well i only wake up ten times worse i could barely walk and felt extremely faint the next morning, also constipated never went to the bathroom on the cleanse.After reading several things syaing if you dont go to the bathroom after 24 hours or feel nautious stop the cleanse, i had to have a piece of toast to get through the day and not collapse at my desk. This was just to much for me and work- and i dont really have any time to take off. It worries me that my since my Die-Off Symptoms were so severe- is it because my infestation is so bad? Or is it possible that the cleanse was too much for my body size? I have been off the cleanse two days now and have just been eating veggies & a little grilled chicken, wondering if i should get started on anti-fungals today that i bought(garlic, capryllica acid,grapefruit see extract)(also worried about the die -off again.. or should i go back to the cleanse and maybe have one drink a day with the liver drink and put some protein in my diet..

    REally nervous to go back to that feeling but i can tell you my skin rash came right back immediately after stoping the cleanse.. so confused and at a loss here- anyone with advice please help!


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    Did you take anything to protect your liver and kidneys?


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