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    Is this OK on the diet?


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    Nori seaweed has an unusually high volume of vitamins and minerals; these include B & C vitamins, omega 3, protein, iron and amino acids; and the bonus comes in the fact that it’s also an antifungal. I don’t know of any reason not to have it.



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    I have an Irish version of this called Dillisk and I love it! I put it in my bread sometimes but mostly in soups & steamed with cabbage. V good for you.


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    Just be sure to double-check the ingredients… I was being a little sloppy with my shopping one day and accidentally bought a pack of nori that had been doused in table salt, soy sauce, sugar, and a whole bunch of other junk. Fortunately I figured this out the second the nori sheet touched my tongue and was able to spit it out!

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