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    I’ve been using apple cider vinegar and olive oil for my salad dressing but I’m starting to get tired of it. Does anyone have any good salad dressing recipes?



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    I have a good one. I use it all the time:

    lemon juice
    erythritol or stevia
    black pepper
    grated ginger

    it’s great if you add a chopped cucumber and avocado into it. They will “sweat” and make the flavor of the salad better.


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    My favourite is very easy, just olive oil and lemon with salt and pepper. I find it so tasty and will probably keep eating my salad that way after this diet bcuz it soo tasty


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    I am also a huge fan of the lemon-olive oil dressing (never get tired of it!) but adding ginger or a bit of raw garlic can spice it up – I also will add fresh thyme, basil, rosemary or parsley.


    LeAnn T.
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    I have been using olive oil, parsley, Italian Seasonings, salt, pepper, and feta cheese. I mix that all together, then toss it into the salad. I also have been adding a chopped boiled egg, which helps too. I have found these toppings to be very tasty.

    I noticed that a lot of crumbled feta has something in it to keep it from sticking together, so I am only getting the blocks.


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    Be cautious of using apple cider vinegar. If you are someone who has gotten allergies from candida it may be making things worse. That happened to me. List of allergies was long due to candida,including yeast and vinegar .


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    apple cider vinegar is considered a good bacteria. I find it really gets me on track whenever i get off track.

    I normally do the lemon and olive oil thing as well as someone mentioned with the garlic or ginger (that sounds good, im going to try it)

    A new one i just started is
    olive oil
    apple cider viegar
    epicure spice mix
    dijon mustard
    sun dried tomatoes.

    I’m on stage 3 so it may be different for you. its seems to be okay with me so far.

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