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    Hello! I’m seeking advice regarding S. Boulardii.

    I’ve been taking S. Boulardii in conjunction with the candida diet and probiotics. I’ve been on the S. Boulardii for ~4 months, but am only tolerating a small amount of a pill. If I take too much S. Boulardii, I get intense die-off symptoms – brain fog, headache, etc. However, I have not been able to increase my dosage in many weeks, and I am very sensitive such that I get die-off symptoms at the tiniest dose increase.

    I’m currently taking:
    1 Garden of Life Raw Ultimate Care probiotic before bedtime
    ~1/8 pill of Jarrow Formulas S. Boulardii+MOS (1 pill contains 5 billion cells) at bedtime

    I am wondering if switching from a daily dose of S. boulardii to a pulsed dose would help, but I don’t have experience with a pulse dose of S. boulardii and every time I stop taking it for a few days, I get a vaginal yeast infection flare-up. I could potentially use boric acid suppositories if a pulse dose is recommended, tho!

    Looking for advice on if I should switch my s. boulardii dose or try something different. I’ve tried various antifungals in the past with little success and almost no die-off symptoms, it didn’t seem to make a difference, but it’s clear that s. boulardii is doing SOMETHING due to the die off.


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