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    I completed my first week of the Stage 1 Candida diet by doing the very restrictive diet and using Candi-Gone. The past few days I noticed a surge in red spots on my body, especially around my armpits and “nether-regions”. I hope it’s just die-off. The spots are perfectly round, “angry” red, but the skin will dry up and peel off. I tried a few different things to try to clear them up (Egyptian Magic from Whole Foods, aloe vera gel) but they didn’t seem to clear anything up. I’m now trying apple cider vinegar full-strength on a cotton ball) and hope this will work.

    I’ve had big red bumps on my upper thighs/bikini line for years and years, and sometimes around my armpits. After doing some reading and research (and going to doctors) I learned these seem to be recurring staph infections in my skin. The vinegar always seemed to be the one thing to clear them up, better than any drug I was given.

    Just want to make sure this is die-off and not something else. I’d hate to think that I’m allergic to one of the foods I’m eating, considering how restrictive this diet already is.

    Just to recap, I’m taking the Candi-Gone, chlorella tablets, and swallowing bits of raw garlic cloves (2 of them) while cleansing. Somebody let me know if I’m overlooking something.


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    I wouldn’t take any supplements during the cleanse because they will just go straight through the body without settling or doing anything. In other words, you are flushing them away by doing the cleanse which detox’s the body. We have a different forum cleanse if you want a link.

    A lot of people mention skin problems on the forum and it has been mentioned over and over (click the search button in upper right hand corner). The reason you have these skin problems is because the toxins are detoxing through the bodies largest organ, the skin. If you can do a steam room, jacuzzi, hot tub, sauna, or even hot bath…this can reduce “die off” symptoms.



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    I have got them to and they started after the diet. A couple got as big as a dime but most are smaller like big pimples. If left untreated they will dry up and white scaly skin will form on top. I was using acv and petroleum jelly twice a day and it seems to help reduce the redness and prevent the dry skin. It’s been over a month and they are starting to disappear. Slowly though and I expect to still have them for at least another month. The sun tan has helped to hide them and also helped with my other skin issues. Hopefully my body will heal before next fall.

    I thought they were ringworm or scabies but I’m convinced at this point it’s just toxins leaving my body from the cleanse. After showering I do still put on a thin coat of coconut oil (just in case it fungal related) and then treat the larger red areas with patroilum jelly. But I stopped using acv because the sun is doing a good job with the healing. I probaly should go back to it.The areas where I did not get a tan and the large red spots disappeared they left a slight yellowish pigmentation for awhile. The fist two spots I got them are completely gone now though.


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    I agree its die off related. When I started last week I noticed a few weird red rings (cirlcles) on my skin. They have already gone away. I had severe excema on my forearms…also nearly gone.

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