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    is rotisserie chicken from the grocery store ok to eat ,its not fried just baked chicken ?i am in stage 1


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    hope, do you have a copy of the strict diet from Able yet? Everything you need to know is in there. If a food is ok to eat, then it is on the list. plain and simple.


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    The problem with any food which comes from a store already prepared, and especially from a deli, is that it contains regular table salt instead of pure sea salt. Regular table salt normally contains Dextrose which is a sugar capable of feeding the Candida.



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    I was hoping cuz it was baked maybe, I am busy, tired and run down. So u are certain reg salt will feed yeast. What if the only ingredient is chicken? I wont eat it if its going to feed. I have been eating sweet potato which I think should stop doing.


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    Store bought baked rotisserie chicken used to give me diarrhea so there is something else they put on it besides salt. It is very soft so I do believe they soak them into some kind of sauce before roasting. You are better off purchasing your own range free and even better organic chicken and cook it on the stove in minutes.


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