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    Hi, I would really appreciate some insight into this problem I am having with my skin. It’s becoming a rather crippling problem for me.

    Ever since spring of last year I’ve been battling with what doctors have called contact dermatitis, or more recently from another doctor, rosacea. This is only present in my cheeks, getting red and over-heated. For several months I just suppressed the symptoms with hydro cortisone cream (I didn’t know any better). And it did work, for a few months anyway. Fast forward to last January, my skin has been flaring up almost daily. I’ve been trying various things over several months to see what is causing this issue. Makeup, shampoo, other hair products, food, digestion issues, jewellery, etc.

    I got allergy tests done (skin prick on arm and back test) and I have a nickel allergy (I stopped wearing jewellery and see no difference), also allergic to dust, ragweed and seafood.

    Now I am in my 3rd week of the Candida diet and it is very hard to say if my face is getting better or worse. I think maybe worse because now I have a lot of blemishes to follow. I am aware of the ‘die off’ and detox phase, but how long does this last for? How can I know if it’s helping or if it simply is not working? I suspected a candida overgrowth because I was eating a lot of sweets and constantly craving chocolate. I also have really dry skin, a rather low T3/sluggish thyroid, weigt gain, constipation, lack of sex drive, and now since the diet, a lack of energy to exercise as much as I used to. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to heat on my face. That will def cause a flareup on my cheeks. The skin on my cheeks looks irritated, like I always have a bit of a rash there.

    Along with the Candida diet, I am taking Bio-K (roughly 2 weeks), PB 8 (a few days now, helping with my constipation), a liver cleanse (about 2-3 weeks in), New Chapter multivitamin (a few days now), iodine drop (since I recently discovered the low T3) and evening primrose oil (since I heard it helps with skin problems). I have unfortunately also started taking anti-biotics for my acne that my allergist gave me, but I am making sure to take probiotics and maintain healthy diet while I take this. I also just started to put aloe on my face which does help ‘calm’ the redness somewhat.

    I am also rather confused how I can test myself if a certain food is causing my flareups. If you eat several foods at one meal and then find a flareup caused an hour later, does this mean one of the foods aggravated it? Is there really any way to be sure? I write down everything I eat and I have seen no pattern so far to my food causing my skin to react. The evenings is when it is more likely to flare up, vs. the morning.


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    An elimination diet may be helpful here. Check out nour’s “Living in the Middle East” thread. The advice given there on how to do an elimination diet should be relevant for you.


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    ThomasJoel2;55445 wrote: An elimination diet may be helpful here. Check out nour’s “Living in the Middle East” thread. The advice given there on how to do an elimination diet should be relevant for you.

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I looked at the thread. Are you suggesting the following?:

    Day 1-4 just vegetables
    Day 4-7 chicken and vegetables
    Then every 3-4 days:
    Add in kefir?
    Start adding in the veggies that I left out, like tomatoes and red/yellow bell peppers
    Then eggs?
    Then coconut flour
    Then maybe oat bran
    Coconut milk?

    That sorta thing? How healthy is it to be restricting food to that extreme? Also, I can ‘add chicken’ but that will be adding in other ingredients, such as olive oil, certain herbs, etc. It still makes things difficult to pin point. Add then coconut flour…you are going to want to eat it with something, so then you need to add 2 foods at once. This is quite overwhelming.

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