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    I’ve often seen rice, oat or almond milk suggested in recipes for the candida diet, or as an alternatie for soya on the candida diet. I’ve always stuck with unsweetened soya milk as its virtually sugar free. the other milks are higher in sugars – these are probably natural sugars but are these milks ok for the strict long term candida diet?

    i’d love a change from unsweetened soya!


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    Unfortunately you should not have all of these on the diet because they all contain molds or starch. All are inflammatory as well:

    Characteristics of soy:

    Characteristics of oats:

    Contain molds because it is a dried food item; almond milk should be consumed stage 3 only because it can set back your progress

    Characteristics of rice:

    As you can see they are all inflammatory with soy being the most inflammatory. If you think you can get better while drinking soy, I’d start to think otherwise. Also, almost all soy is GMO which has even a greater detriment to your health. Let me know if you can find organic soy milk that is anti-inflammatory…

    Almond milk would be the best choice out of all of these and should be made at home with almonds that have been soaked and/or roasted to remove the amount of molds in them.



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    Soy’s full of goitrogens (anti-thyroid compounds), phytoestrogens and other junk. Soy milk isn’t a traditional food either. It’s just some junk created for testosterone-deficient vegetarians, although it is popular in Asia too. Try looking through the Soy category on SuppVersity. These are a few of my favourites. I’m guessing Japanese women unhappy with their marriages make good use of soy products to eliminate unwelcome approaches from their husbands.

    From Subclinical to Full-Blown Hypothyroidism by Soy Supplementation
    Study Finds 17x Elevated Estrogen, High Progesterone + Reduced DHEA Levels in 65% of .. Soy Protein Users!
    Pregnant or Lactating Mother + Soy = Metabolically Deranged Male Offspring.


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    Hi – thank you, the soya milk is definately out then.

    rice and coconut milk, eggs for breakfast!
    think it’ll take me a little longer than I thought to get the diet right this time around!

    thank you – Ann

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