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    Hello all,

    I have a question. On the strict diet, one serving of chicken is initially allowed.

    Would it be possible to split this one serving up into three tiny servings (each 1/3rd of the original), and spread these throughout the week?

    Or should the chicken only be eaten on one day?

    I am asking this as I like eating chicken curry, but I would love to eat spinach curry (with a little chicken inside) several days through the week. This wouold also simplify cooking for me (otherwise I have to cook two curries: one chicken for my husband, and one spinach for me).


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    Hello, Clare.

    According to the stricter diet, you can have organic chicken twice a week.
    Quote: “Chicken should be eaten no more than once a week if you have fish, or twice if you do not have the fish.”

    And yes, having the one serving divided into three different servings is a great idea, and actually it’s probably better because it allows the ammonia to be produced in smaller amounts rather than all at one time. Good idea.



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    Hello Able,


    Thank you for your reply; that is great news.

    Spinach curry with a little chicken inside is very tasty.

    I can spread the 2 serves throughout 6 days (with 1/3rd in each curry).

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