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    Hello all, I’ve taken my ProSynbiotic 7080 by Standard Process for about 45 days now 10-12 billion CFU daily. I just started to come off of and I am just wondering if that is a long enough time and dosage of probiotics to recover the good flora in my gut?

    I have currently been just taking digestive enzymes, coconut oil, and everynow and then some GSE and lots of food prebiotics (bananas, onions, asparagus, artichokes) and other vegetables in my diet. Any thoughts?

    Also, the reason I am starting to incorporate antifungals into my diet now is because my brand of probiotics contains a yeast called S.Boulardii and I did not want to take antifungals while taking this probiotic, but now that I’m off of the probiotic I find that taking the antifungal would be a benefactor.

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