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    Hi everyone. Firstly I apologise for the long story regarding what’s been happening too me over the past few years. This is really a cry out for help and to see if anyone has been through what I have (and still are). Here goes:

    Approx 3.5 years ago I started having really dizzy episodes. This kind of started the same time I was on a couple of stag doos abroad. Plenty of beer etc..! I’ve always been fit, healthy, no medical problems. I’ve always liked my food and diet wise I’ve always eaten what I wanted. I came back from the 2nd stag do in Poland to major vertigo. Bed ridden, walls were spinning I felt like I was on a boat it was horrible. I run my own business and I will confirm it’s stressful etc but this wasn’t stress, it was definitely something else.
    I hadn’t been to the doctors in years but had to go and see him regarding the dizzy episodes.
    Blood tests were done and all fine as they thought it could be thyroid related as my symptoms were spot on with thyroid issue. I kept going back to the docs for more tests I still wasn’t getting better. They said it must be a virus. My ears and sinuses were clogged up, so I went to an ENT specialist privately and he said it looks like you have Rhinitis but again he said there is nothing sinister wrong with you, but I still felt awful.
    It was then I started using the net etc and seeing what could be the issue. I had been taking oxytetracycline for years on and off to help my skin. Used it from the age of 17 to about 26 on and off. While on them I would drink and eat pretty much anything.
    My tongue was always coated white (still is) and I would have headaches, dizzy spells and now digestive problems.
    I decided to do a food intolerance test. This came back with about 29 different foods, yeast, wheat, eggs, wine, dairy basically the lot!!! I thought here it is, here are my issues. I spoke with the nutritionist from York test and told her my history. She said you have candida.
    I then followed a strict diet, lost lots of weight, looked really ill if I’m being honest, just eating brown rice, chicken etc it was hard. Running my own business, have 2x young girls. I just couldn’t keep up with the diet. I have a social life aswell and birthdays we usually eat out as a big family. I did feel better but I couldn’t keep losing all the weight. I still wasn’t perfect and thought, we don’t even know if this is 100% candida. What am I doing I can’t live life on rice and peas.
    So I went back to eating what I wanted. Felt normal for a while but would then feel shit again.
    My doctor sent me to gastro. They did a stool sample and said my colprocting levels (not spelt right) were high so we need to check for chrons, coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel diseases. I had a full colonoscopy and endoscopy recently as I had been complaining of serious heart burn and not being able to swallow right. Test were fine. Biopsy done all clear. The gastro Doctor whilst doing the colonoscopy said you definatley do not have candida your insides are perfect. At this point I thought that’s great but how could he say that just by looking at my intestines. I then had a capsule endoscopy that follows the digestive tract over 8 hours on a camera. This came back perfect. A few months later I went to London with some friends and drunk lots of beer and plenty of food. When going back to work on the Monday I had a serious pain bottom right of my stomach. The pain wouldn’t go away so I went to A&E! Ended up being appendicitis so I was in hospital for a week and had the operation. They did a cat scan of my gut etc, said my appendix was very swollen. I thought I wonder whether this is something to do with all my digestive issues. The doctors said not. Whilst in the hospital I was back on antibiotics. And then when I went home I was on more. I felt horrid. I can’t even take multi vitamins now as I go dizzy off them. I have episodes where I’m out and seem to just ‘drop’ and lose my energy and go a little dizzy. Doctors have checked for vitamin deficiencies but said its all fine. Diabetes checks etc. They just keep palming me off with anxiety. Yes I did have a little anxiety, but that was mainly down to all these symptoms I was having.
    Since coming out of hospital I’ve not felt the best. I’m not overweight or anything. I’ve always gone to the gym but as we speak my symptoms at the moment are:
    Muscles twitches and shaking
    Brain fog back to what it was 3 years ago
    Constant white coated tongue. Improves a little if I cut the bad food out but still doesn’t completely go. It’s always white in a morning no matter what.
    When I gym now, my muscles are just shaking like mad even at the start.
    My gut issues are fine. I don’t get diareah, constipation or pains any more. I go to the toilet twice a day perfect pattern really.
    One other point to raise are my eye floaters and that I’m really sensitive to light. Always wearing sun glasses even when it’s raining. This only started when I first started having issues with my gut. Had eye checks,
    All fine. So my symptoms have changed since it all started, but ever since I had my appendix out in March this muscle twitching, hand cramps,
    Tingling is horrible and I’m thinking is this candida back with a vengance from the antibiotics I had.
    I haven’t touched oxytetracycline since all this began.
    I need help. I’m really getting depressed with it all. The white tongue every single day makes me think I have some form of gut issue. I’m sensitive to lots of foods, I just don’t know what to do, who to go to, who to believe!!!!
    I don’t have thrush. It’s just a thin white coated layer. It gets much worse if I have a few bad days eating crap, but even when I eat well like I said it gets a little better but doesn’t clear up.
    Does anyone think this is definitely candida? I’ve got to the point now where I won’t go to the docs as they just keep saying its anxiety. I don’t see how when I’m exercising and my muscles are literally shaking is anxiety. I’ve never had this issue before and I’ve been to the gym since I was 18. I’m now 30!
    Help needed people. Really!!! I’m sorry for the large essay.
    PS – list of symptoms.
    White tongue,
    Dizzy spells
    Eye floaters and sensitive to light (sparkles on white backgrounds which is my white blood cells)
    Muscles twitches, hand cramps and always wake up with one arm or hand cramped up. (Worse if had a bad few days eating)
    I shake a little if I haven’t eaten for a while, body craving sugar but then when I eat it, I feel crap about 40mins after)
    Dark bags under my eyes.
    Tinnitus now more than Rhinitus. (When lying down seems like I can here waves) and now and again get a high pitch noise that only
    Lasts couple of seconds then goes.


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    It sounds like you have typical histamine intolerance problems where you get bad allergic reactions to foods. The food allergy test points to inflammation of the gut because when your gut gets inflamed, you become more allergic to these foods because of something called leaky gut syndrome aka intestinal impermeability. Inflammation and histamine problems are pretty related and also can be related to other problems such as liver problems.

    The dark bags under eyes relates to liver and kidney health and dark bags is not good in general.

    It sounds like you are quite messed up and ill in general. If you want diagnosis I would look into the candida hypo-sensitization test which determines whether you are allergic to candida or not. This can be performed at an allergist place with allergy doctor. If you are allergic to candida this means you are not fighting it and so you can potentially get the candida hypo-sensitization shots which elevate your immunity to fight candida.

    In general I would try to stick to the diet and aim for better health. You can gain weight with the diet, you just need to know how to do it properly and you need to get into making a ton of food. As you get better you can branch out and get into more foods.

    Here is a way to educate yourself about yeast:

    If you want to get better faster, I would consider consulting a good naturopath who has 30+ years experience. They will put you on a plan to get better it just costs a few hundred bucks or more per month. You can also treat yourself which may or may not work and will also cost you a ton of money. You can also try to convince a regular doctor that you have a candida problem, but most won’t treat it or don’t know how to because there isn’t really any anti-candida drugs out there other than prescription antifungals and prescription probiotics.

    The pancreas is very much related to digestion as well as galbladder, liver, and spleen. A good ND can prescribe ways to help heal the pancreas.

    If you do a forum search, antibiotics and acne medication is one of the biggest causes of CRC aka candida related complex.



    Topics: 104
    Replies: 6838

    I was about as bad as you were and it took me about 4 years to feel normal and eat whatever I wanted with no problems. This was with the help of an ND.


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