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    The real reason for candida (besides antibiotics and stress) is blood sugar issues.
    For example:
    You combine carbs ( maybe sugar) with fat or you eat fat and fruit afterwards
    What is about to happen?
    Right: Your glucose blood level stays elevated for a long time because of the fat “paralyzing” the insulin.
    Then your body starts to overgrow candida in order to save you from diabtes type 2 !
    You can google it and check it out on youtube, I also tried to re establish my insulin sensitivity and it worked!
    The problem is, “candida” has gone commercial. You can buy a ton of supplements to “kill” it. But remember: Candida is your friend.

    I suggest that avoiding carbs and fats in one meal could help you. For example eat carbs during the morning and mid of the day and eat your fat at your last meal at least 4 hours later. I would also do somme other stuff to lower or rather control your blood sugar like cardio or you can try herbs like ashwagandha, but I would be careful as I noticed negative side effects by taking ashwagandha. Taking like 0,5 g is okay for me. I have also readen that Chrom ( DonĀ“t know the name in english, I hop you understand) is helping with controlling insulin.

    Good luck

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