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    I have been reading the ingredients to everything I buy.
    Something slipped pass my radar. I bought turkey sausage that was
    raised without antibiotics, vegetarian grain fed, gluten free and no MSG.
    When I got home, I had missed the ingredients.
    It states less than 2% of the following:Salt, spices, Sugar, Dextrose.

    The Nutrition Facts for a serving shows zero grams of sugar.
    I wonder if this is OK to eat?

    I found flax chips at the store but it still contained a small amount of
    soybeans. Any advice on reading labels would be great.
    I realize most ready made foods have something in it that is not good us.



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    I have never found ONE turkey bacon product that did not have sugar in it. Much sausage is the same way. Out of curiosity I checked pork bacon products and all brands hand some kind of sugar in it except for one, and that one was smoked. So I would say just avoid all packaged bacon, they all have sugar, are smoked, or have nitrates.

    I think the majority to all of prepackaged foods are going to have preservatives or something you need to avoid — citric acid, soy lecithin, xantham gum, tapioca starch, dextrose, lactose, or some kind of sugar…

    At my local grocery, I could not find ONE soup stock base that didn’t have yeast extract or dextrose or carrots or sugar in it. There’s a vegetable broth at Trader Joe’s that is candida-safe but that’s the only one I’ve found and I didn’t find it very tasty. In the end I developed my own soup stock recipe which I need to make in bulk for the coming winter 🙂 I’ll share it on the Recipes section after I’ve made it a few times.


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    Hello, Pina.

    You’re correct about packaged meats, pork especially; all of it is going to be bad for the Candida treatment.

    Most of the sellers who sell organic chicken also have organic stock pieces packaged separately, and they’re not that expensive.



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    I have noticed this as well…try the organic stores; they sell fresh meat that doesn’t have these ingredients. Its pretty ridiculous that almost all packaged food contains some kind of poison!

    On a side note: making your own chicken stock is very easy and my gf did it last week. She has been making tons of homemade soups and it is very easy. The stores sell their leftover chicken scraps for this purpose!

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