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    I have a yeast infection (tongue, mouth, throat and who knows if more) that I think I got after 2 courses of antibiotics for a bronchitis + inhaled steroid (I’m asthmatic).
    However, I’m not sure if it all started when I was heavily eating raw garlic, in an attempt to rid my body of the lingering bronchitis. I felt the acid on my tongue every time I chewed the garlic and after a few days, my tongue was sore and I got the white tongue.
    I was given fluconazol 1 tablet / week, 2 weeks, and something to wash my tongue with (antifungical too).
    Since I only see this getting worse after taking the fluconazol on Monday (3 days ago), I’m starting a candida diet. Started the cleanse right now, and have a couple of questions:

    – Protein: How do I get enough protein on the cleanse phase? Because if I have to stay away from chicken or fish for a 3-4 days cleanse, I’ll lose all muscle (I’m already weak and can’t afford that). Tonight I ate 2 boiled eggs with a green ‘smoothie’, but I don’t think it’s healthy to eat so many eggs a day for 3-4 days.
    Can I eat organic chicken on the cleanse phase or have to spend 4 days only with eggs as my protein source?

    – Do you think my yeast infection is because of the raw garlic? If so, I should probably stop eating it!! (I eat it because it’s an antifungical)

    – Probiotics: I’ve been taking antibiotics since I got sick with bronchitis, so now that I’ve started the candida cleanse, I’m not going to stop taking probiotics. Am I doing it right?

    Thank you very much in advance!!

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