Raster some help please??? Coffee and sugar cravings???

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    Recently I have been eating a lot of sugar and fast food. Before I was eating a candida diet. But I started a new life in a new place and I went wrong with my diet. Today I started my candida diet and I fell cravings for sugar. I never drinked coffee because I donĀ“t need to drink. But I fell so down and tired that maybe 2 cups of coffee to substitute all the sugar is a great idea. I mean doing the candida diet plus 2 cups of coffee per day for 1 or 2 weeks. And after this 1 or 2 weeks I quit the coffee cause my body starts to have energy. So my question is: I know coffee is not a great friend but is better drink coffee than eat 3 fruits or 1 big mac or 3 potatoes right? I just will drink coffee for a maximum period of 2 weeks.


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    Coffee isn’t the end of the world and I drink it about twice per week right now. The cream is almost as bad as the coffee…

    Its about as bad as a cheat meal but maybe not as bad as mcdonalds. Mcd’s puts the yoga mat material in their food so I do not think this is equal to coffee and much worse lol.

    Big macs were my favorite back in the day, I haven’t had one in 4 years and I do still crave them.



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    There isn’t much wrong with potatoes as long as you peel them. If your drinking coffee make sure you are eating adequate carbohydrates as your adrenal glands will become stressed very quickly if you are drinking coffee and eating a low carb diet.

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