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    Raster, which cod liver oil do you take? I remember you saying fermented cod liver oil is the best; however, if I can’t afford the high price, do you know of another alternative that retains the natural a & d.

    I try different omegas from time to time, and I am just trying to find a good one. One that will agree with me, and I figure it might help me go to the bathroom for lubrication. I haven’t taken anything again for quite some time. I tried a coromega here this morning, and I feel like it is working, but I am not sure I want to ingest eggs from it all the time, plus, surprisingly, I am still getting a slight oil burp after mixing it in my goat yogurt this morning. I have tried renew’s life awhile back, too, because I figured the lipase in it might help me digest it better.

    Just let me know. Thanks!


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    A good bang for the buck is the big bottle of standard process cod liver oil. I believe it may be fermented also…but its a 3 month supply or more (depends on how often you use it).

    The carlsons brand is maybe the industry standard but standard process is likely higher quality.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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