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    Hello Candida fighters! I am just one of you darlings. This is my second time donig the cleanse since the first time I got sick and had to take antibiotics which disrupted my cycle…oh well…ANYWAYS! I wanted to share my favorite recipe to make…I enjoy making little Quinoa salads so here tehy are

    Grab black or white quinoa it had a great source of fiber and is allowed on the diet
    Bring it to a boil.

    chop up tomatoes, parsley, dill and leeks. Leeks is a wonderful filling veggie,I love its texture and it’s not as smelly as onion!

    Take out your quinoa and lay it on a bed of Spinach or Mixed organic greens. Put the chopped mixture of veggies on top or mix it in. Top it with lemon juice Olive oil, calona oil or whichever oil you like. You could also make a light dressing with (garlic, dill, a pinch of ginger, olive oil and lemon juice)

    The salad is filling and very much diet at the same time, the smaller you chop the veggies the better your tummy will be able to digest…also feel free to experiment with it…add/remove veggies..for example I LOVE to put a table spoon of Hummus on top of mixture…Make your diet fun!
    Liana ~ 🙂


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    Can you eat tomatoes? :O
    It says that it is in the “no-no”-group of food until you no longer has symptoms..


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    some folks have a reaction to tomatoes and some dont. I believe that is why it is not on the list. But I think it is worth testing out. I have and I use them with my avocadoes now since I felt no reaction at all. Just keep in mind the sugar, a cup of sliced tomatoes is about 5 grams of sugar where a cup of broccoli has about 2 grams of sugar. Most prepared tomato products are loaded with added sugars and crap so stay away from that and keep to organic fresh tomatoes.


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    Sounds delicous! I am not doing tomoatoes yet (am just past week 4) and am hesitant to try the hummus addition. Right?

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