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    Does anyone have experience of this cleanse and diet with Crohn’s disease? My gastroenterologist supports it and I am not currently on any steroids or immunomodulators for treatment, I’m just looking to find any information on things I might expect beyond the die-off symptoms.

    Since the skin absorbs the majority of what is used on it I am very careful about my skin care products, usually making them all myself. They are completely edible however one of my most commonly used ingredients is honey. Since some will be absorbed, should I eliminate it and other sugary items from my skin care protocol as well?

    Also regarding skin care products and absorption I would imagine that topical anti-fungals can only help during stage 2 and beyond?

    I also have hypoglycemia and while the ideal treatment for it is eating small amounts continuously to keep blood sugar stable I admit I don’t always follow that as I should. When that happens and my blood sugar drops too low I tend to use honey or honeyed water to get it back up. Besides being more vigilant about keeping my blood sugar stable as I should anyway, does anyone have any idea what I could use to rise my blood sugar during the strict diet?

    Finally, and I hope I haven’t annoyed everyone with my questions, I generally start my morning with hot lemon water and it is not just a squeeze of lemon, but about a tablespoon in warm water with turmeric, ginger, and cayenne pepper. This has helped greatly with retaining water and with boosting circulation, and it might help with liver function but I am worried it might keep the candida thriving. If I do continue with my morning lemon water I find it works best if it is the first thing in my stomach in the morning beside water. Could this interfere during the cleansing stage if I drink the first detox drink shortly after? I imagine it would be absorbed quickly enough not to make a difference, but I am not sure.

    Thank you for reading and thank you for your help.

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