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    Hi there,

    I am supporting my hubby who will be going on the Candida diet. I am concerned about him feeling hungry due to the lack of starchy foods. I want to experiment with the different permissible grains and flours with bread baking and making desserts.

    With this in mind, I have a few questions regarding ingredients. For leavening agents, are yeasts a total no no?

    Is baking powder or the combination of cream of tartar and baking soda OK ingredients?

    Thanks a lot



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    baking soda and aluminum free baking power are ok .definitely no yeast ,look up a few recipes on the forum ,more eggs are used for moisture and rising ,i like to use coconut milk in my bread and its moist .

    i have been making this and living off it also –
    1 cup coconut flour
    4 egg
    cinnamon-to taste
    coconut milk -u can tell i am winging it lol i think i put around a half cup or so
    a tea spoon baking powder
    half cup stevia
    mix and bake till golden


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    What grains are you looking at because this is a grain free diet?

    I would be very careful with cream of tartar. Nutritional yeast can be a problem if you have a yeast condition and haven’t used it throughout my treatment but it shouldn’t bring much detriment.



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    Thanks for your replies. The coconut flour bread seems a popular option, I will certainly try that. I noticed Buckwheat is on the foods to eat list, so that was also one I planned on experimenting with. Others like Amaranth, millet and Oat bran I don’t know, so I will look into them. This diet certainly calls for breaking easy routines and trying unknown things!! (Including figuring out where to buy all these more unusual ingredients)

    Another question on an ingredient. What about gelatin? That was more for the dessert experiments.




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    I have decided to avoid baking powder as it seems a lot of brands have corn starch in them and I honestly just don’t trust much these days in my insides 😛 You can do the coconut bread very simply with just 4 ingredients: 3/4 cup coconut flour, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 tsp sea salt (I think – check the recipes on the diet page), 6 eggs. It’s more…poundcakey than bread, but it’s tasty and gives plenty of protein, fat, and calories.

    Does your husband have the strict diet? If he’s using that (which in my opinion, he really should – and millet and amaranth are not on that), then coconut flour is not introduced for the first couple few weeks. If you don’t have a copy of it, message Able.

    Buckwheat makes for pretty good baked goods. I have made pancakes using buckwheat flour and flax eggs, and I also made some weird cookies out of it the other day. I added some stevia, cinnamon, and alcohol-free vanilla to those.

    Good luck, and thank you for being a supportive spouse! Some of us are not so lucky :p


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    I will certainly try out those recipe ideas. I do want to try more savory style bread with the buckwheat.

    We where planning to start on the detox before the diet this week end, I was still getting all the goodies together and doing the research. I was looking at the food lists on the website, will message Able to find out more on the diet. I figured I need to shake a few kilo’s, and it will do my general health good, so I will go on diet with hubby.

    If my experiments turn up anything good I will certainly post them!!

    Thanks for more info


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