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    Hello guys,

    I have been studying all the available material on this forum for a week. It has answered a lot of my questions and doubts.

    Here are the ones I did not manage to solve yet –

    1. Taking chlorella with other supplements (wouldn’t chlorella flush out other supplements out of your system due to it’s strong detox abilities)?

    2. Are there any alternative versions of vitamin C which would spare my intestines?

    I have tried taking vitamin c as ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate (with my inflamed intestines, ouch), after taking them my intestines felt burnt by acid and the pain was immense in the next couple of days.

    How about this?

    If I understood correctly through my studies, my intestines are inflamed due to candida albicans activity in that area and as soon as it would be banished my intestines would start healing. Is this correct? Feel free to call me an idiot and ridicule me.

    3. I am located in Latvia (a tiny country in eastern of Europe), the only kefir grains which are available locally are – “tibetan milk kefir grains”. Is this the right kind?

    Also, if people used these grains with pasturised milk are they still valid for production of kefir with unpasteurised milk?

    Thank you!


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    Regarding question number two –

    I ordered Ester-C, which should be a non-acidic version of vitamin c.

    But I am still looking for suggestions regarding other questions.

    Raster, Able900? Anyone?

    Any advice appreciated.


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    About the Vitamin C:
    The product in the link from Iherb uses calcium ascorbate. That is buffered Vitamin C just like sodium ascorbate.

    Ah, I see, now You have ordered Ester-C. I did never understand what Ester-C does, but I thought it was about the absorbtion.

    Well, what I wanted to say is this, if You are too sensitive for ascorbic acid and buffered C (calcium or sodium ascorbate), then You could try natural Vitamin C.

    The plant with the highest Vitamin C is camu camu.


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    1. I haven’t taken chlorella so I can’t help you.

    2. I am not educated on vitamin C types.

    3. The tibetan kefir grains should work I assume…it should look like a weird white slug blob (do a google image search).



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    NiuBlau, thank you! I will give it some serious cosideration, there seems to be a wide range of vitamin C supplements which are derived from natural sources.

    raster, thanks! Will update you on my experience with Ester-C.

    Regarding the “Tibetan grain” – it looks like this –

    It’s really confusing, there are different names by which it goes in the Russian community –
    “Tibetan kefir MUSHROOM”
    “Tibetan milk MUSHROOM”

    And only a small minority of sources refer to it as a grain. Could this be the right one?
    Also, will the grain be optimally potent if the previous owner used the grains to make kefir from pasteurised milk? Or there is no difference at all?


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    That’s exactly what my milk kefir looks like.


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    SueSullivan;48071 wrote: That’s exactly what my milk kefir looks like.

    Thank you for confirming this!

    I also wanted to ask if someone could point me to info about making homemade yoghurt (what is the best starter culture, how to make it, do’s and dont’s etc).


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