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    Hi everybody
    I diagnosed candida around three months ago
    I started diet immediately, although i made couple mistakes
    like eating balsamic vinegar, eaten some yoghurt, tofu
    ive eaten apple two times couple of tyimes ive eaten some fruit
    im eating avocado frequently

    im becoming paranoid about this diet and I dont understand if im getting better
    or not i feel very tired most of the time but from time to time i get energy boost
    does this energy boost means that ive eaten something candida likes?

    i want to eat constantly but not sugar particularly maybe im just starving
    ive eaten bigger portion of buckwheat groats with onion and spinach salad with almonds amd pumpkin sunflower seeds
    and i feel fine after that but not so boosted
    CAN I EAT A LOT? or its candida that wants to eat?


    im eating quite a lot of oats,quinoa,almonds,millet,brown rice,buckwheat is that ok?

    thank You for any answes and guidance i really need it to get more confident

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