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    About six months ago, I started having some dizzy spells and brain fog. I did some research online and discovered Candida overgrowth. So I changed up my diet and for the past six months have been eating a fairly consistent anti-Candida diet.

    However, I still have lingering brain fog and would ultimately like to get my body/gut back into balance. So I would now like to try probiotic pills and anti-fungals. My question is what are the best practices for doing these next steps?

    I plan to start off with a cleanse, and then probiotics for a week, and then anti-fungals added in. My ultimate question is how should I take the anti-fungals and which ones should I take? I’ve read that I should take 2-3 at the same time to prevent Candida from adapting. Is this still considered the best practice and, if so, which ones should I take out of the many out there?



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    Look also into the mindbody connection as described by Dr Sarno.

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