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    I’ve just gotten some water kefir grains and am making my first batch. I’ve found some great websites that are helpful with advice and recipes but so far none that address candida and the needs of those on a strict candida diet. I’m wondering about residual sugars. From what I’ve been reading the longer the initial ferment the less sugar will be left. So I assume that for us Candida Dieters the kefir should be allowed to ferment for the longest duration suggested, which I believe is 48 hours. But I’ve also read that there are lots of variables that cause the process to be faster or slower (Robustness of grains, mineral content of water, temperature..) How will I know when there is no sugar left? If I drink it before all the sugar is consumed by the kefir grains will I be feeding my candida straight sugar? Also, about fruit… Some recipes suggest adding all kinds of fruit during the first ferment. Of course we cant have fruit but then again I’m putting straight sugar in there too. So will the kefir eat all the fruit sugar too? Does it mean I can add fruit?

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