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    hi Able and Raster and all,

    I noticed something interesting. I know Olice Oil is on the allowed foods list, but now I’m wondering if it is also a natural anti fungal. I’m taking 2 tablespoons per day of it, as my Doctor took me off my statin drug for high cholesterol and is trying to increase my good cholesterol numbers. I’ve noticed a slight burning on my tongue whenever I take the olive oil. I even made my husband take some to see if he had the same burning but he didn’t. I wonder if it’s the thrush reacting to the oil, and hence the burning? Didn’t know if you had heard of anything like that before. Thanks Lynda


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    Olive oil contains a substance called carvacrol, which is the active antifungal property of some oils, including olive oil.The is the same substance which is in coconut oil (in addition to Caprylic acid) which lends to its antifungal activity, and this is the reason for the reaction that you experienced. However, olive oil is not as powerful an antifungal as coconut oil is, probably due to the Caprylic acid.



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    The burn is probably from the candida dying off in your mouth; this is also known as oral thrush.

    Like able said, olive oil is antifungal.


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