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    Hi everyone,

    I hope someone here can give me some answers.

    I wonder if a person has celiac then could she live and
    not know it or is this not possible? I thought people with celiac get such huge problems that they can’t even eat normal food without major side effects which means if someone has it he will absolutely know it. Is this right?

    And how can you test for celiac? I want to get this tested.

    And is leaky gut a real medical diagnosis? I asked my intern about leaky gut and he told me this isn’t a real diagnosis. He didn’t even know the name. But so many people talk about leaky guy.
    I worry that I might have this cause I am low on multiple vitamins.

    I also have seborrhoic eczema, joint paints, cracking joints and many health issues and doctors don’t find anything. That’s really depressing. I know things are wrong with me but I don’t know what it is. 🙁


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    My cousin has celiacs and didn’t even know it. They found out because his liver enzymes weren’t right. I just got tested for celiacs by drs that won’t say I have yeast so they are trying to ind something. Of course I’m sensitive to gluten now I have yeast overgrowth and that can make you sensitive to a lot of foods. Aka leaky gut pretty much. Bloodtest will show it but the real answer is if you get scoped by a gi dr. Sounds like you have a yeast problem. Go see a holistic or natural path dr. Most regular or even specialist drs won’t listen to yeast


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    Candida does cause gluten. I agree gluten is not good for us yet I’ve been eating until 2 months ago when I was figuring out what was going on. I found my sensitivity in a stool sample I forgot to say that, blood came up too but bloodwork isn’t always accurate with allergies or intolerances


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    Hello Cal,

    All diseases are is a name on a bodily function that has become abnormal, and diseases are completely curable. If you are celiac it doesn’t mean the end of the world and is likely easily treatable.

    As far as leaky gut, very few western doctors will acknowledge that it exists and its not a western medical term but an eastern one. Basically it is holes in your intestines caused by GM foods fermenting in the gut caused by poor digestion and constipation (for a long period of time).

    I would look at everything as more of a digestive problem; if you have less than 3 BM’s a day, you are constipated. If you have ever taken antibiotics, you have destroyed the natural gut flora that makes you healthy. If you want a leaky gut diagnosis, I would find an allergist that can help you. In my opinion, if you are allergic to anything at all you have leaky gut.

    All of your symptoms sound like candida overgrowth and you should treat your problems and they will go away within a year or so.


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