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    I previously posted a longer post, but here is a super condensed version. I would REALLY appreciate if someone could answer any questions they can of mine because I’m desperate here.

    I used to drink coffee daily. I also used to really abuse alcohol. One day 5
    Months ago I went out drinking and woke up the next day with a splitting headache. It has lasted all day every day for the last 7 months. It never goes away and it’s so bad that I have considered ending my life. I’ve seen a neurologist, gotten an MRI, and tried 13 different medicines. They did nothing. Is it possible that a candida overgrowth can cause headaches like this? It never ever goes away and one night 1 month ago I went out drinking and my daily headache has become 10 times worse ever since that night.

    Do you think that my past caffeine/alcohol abuse could have caused this?

    Other symptoms I have: white/yellow tongue, always congested, funny taste in mouth

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