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    Hello good people of the Candida forum!

    I am 28, male. Suffering candida from childhood as i can remember. Sometimes worse, sometimes better days. Casual symptoms.. Most disrupts me prostatic issue (blood in urine).
    I started to change my diet since November. Removing and adding foods. Now i have been on quite strict candida-diet more than 1 month. My system is now adjusted quite well from pizzas and beer to boiled vegetables, meat, eggs and other green stuff + right teas and spices.
    I eat coconut oil daily with my veggies. Also drunk one 50ml grapeseed extract and 200g Pau darko tea, both in one week. No big change.

    I read the forum and understood that i need a war plan. Otherwise its like painting rusted car (preparates and money to the wind). Also i read that rotating antifungals is not good. So is it better to hit hard at once, suffer die-off and at the same time clean the candida`s corps right after. In, kill and out – like special forces 🙂
    Fungi are capable of implementing an infinite number of modifications to their own metabolism in order to overcome the defense mechanism of the host. These modifications are implemented through plasmatic and biochemical actions as well as by a size increase and reproduction of the cells that have been attacked. :S
    I have understood that little attacks are useless. They only train the beast by killing its weaker parts and those who survive go deeper into tissues, mutate stronger and then multiply. So to avoid that, should i take multiple antifungals from one moment + Bioshield remover. The plan is to attack the fungi at full power when its not yet aggressive and not mutated. Of course i have to continuously strengthen my immune system at the same time and get used to perfectly with the candida diet (almost done) and flush and clean myself on the action.

    I read internet and put together next invasion plan:

    1. The diet with no fallbacks
    2. Attack
    3. Clean
    4. Strengthening

    Arsenal i am collecting together right now:

    1. Candilact pills: 2/daily (1 tbl: 4 different probiotics 1 billion + 100mg grapes.ext. + inulin 200mg.
    2. Essential oils: Tree tea oil (drink 4-6 drops @ morning with water), oregano oil? castrol oil? thyme oil?
    3. Teas: Pau Darko, green tea, ginger, oregano, Nettle, hibiscus chamomile, rooibos, mint, melissa, thyme, Yarrow (when i drink, then its usually tea).
    4. Spices: Oregano, Kurkuma, Cayenne, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, seasalt
    5. Oils: coconut, olive and cod-liver
    6. Other: Garlic, 100% 50ml grapes.ext., flax seeds
    7. Only thing i am worried about are Rx antifungals. My choice is to combine Itraconazole 100mg + Terbinafine 250mg daily at start? Should i add ibuprofen?

    Strengthening immune system:

    1. Biotics: lacto seven + probiotics ratiopharm
    2. Maca powder – 1 big spoon at morning
    3. Vita C – 1g/d
    4. Glutenix?

    1. Serrapeptase?
    2. Teas
    3. Hirudotherapy – leaches suck out old blood twice a week
    4. Sauna – twice a week
    5. Walking at high speed 2h – every other day
    6. enemas: 1.salt 2.Pau darko 3.coffe? 4.Probiotic?
    7. Liver flush:
    1/2 Cup Olive Oil Extra Virgin
    1 Large grapefruit – squeezed or you can use 3/4 Cup 100% canned grapefruit juice.
    4 tablespoon magnesium sulfate
    3 cups water You can use lemon in your water if you want[/indent]

    Dear candida forum People, what do you think of my plan? Its still draft. What should be the right order to do things and intensity? What should i add/remove? Add your comments please! Everybody is welcome!

    Thank you ahead!

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