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    I have been looking into the purchase of a home infrared sauna. I recently viewed this video, which summarizes concerns about EMFs and other potential sauna dangers:


    Many times on eBay pages, and the sauna Web sites I’ve visited, the EMF test results and other safety criteria are not mentioned.

    Has anyone here been through the sauna shopping process? Far infrared saunas are more effective against candidiasis toxins than near infrared ones, right? But can they also be as safe?

    How does the consumer determine if a sauna is made with a good wood and non-toxic glue?

    Any specific recommendations for safe and healthy 1-person saunas (or multi-person saunas at 1-person sauna prices)? I have to be a bit choosy on the dimensions, since my ceiling is not very high. I’m just looking for something to go on, at the moment.


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    As you have indicated, the IR sauna industry is very full of competition currently; however, I would recommend reviewing the Low EMR/Low EF saunas manufactured by Saunatec and sold through Finnleo and Helo Dealers. The models that will interest you are the B and S series, as their EMR and EF ratings exceed the stringent Swedish standards for safety. Both utilize CarbonFlex technology for the emitters, and the S series offers upgrades, like an all glass front and a touch screen control with radio/MP3 integrated. To learn more, you can visit http://www.finnleo.com/products/far-infrared-sauna/ and http://www.finnleo.com/blog/. Helo offers the same product, so if you wanted to see your closest dealer for Helo, you can visit, http://www.helosaunas.com. Be sure to ask for the B or the S series, as there are lower priced units available, which are safe, but they do not feature the low EMR/low EF. There are some competitors who build quality units who have done well at limiting EMR or EF, but Saunatec has accomplished the task of exceeding the toughest safety standards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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