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    I plan on starting the diet this weekend, however, I need to know what I can eat aside from eggs, chia seeds, and hemp seeds for protein. I work 6 hour shifts on my feet walking constantly everyday. Even now, I have days where I can barely make it through the day. I know the detox/die off is going to take a toll on my energy, and I plan on using my lunch breaks to nap. Also, I have to speak with my boss and discuss with him I may need to leave early on the days where I can’t tolerate the die off. Any suggestions?


    Dabra Grant
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    Dear fizzlex, If i were you and had to work i would definitely not attempt the cleanse unless it was a weekend, because when i did the cleanse diet, i nearly passed out, and needed sleep, sleep sleep. Be careful. I’m vegan so for me the choices of protein are even more restrictive, but if you aren’t vegetarian/vegan, you can eat chicken, beef, wild salmon, listed on Lisa’s what to eat and what not to eat lists. I recommend reading and re-reading all the info on this site to become thoroughly familiar with it so it becomes second nature. It really is a lot of information to digest. One day at a time.


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    Well I am skipping the cleanse, and jumping straight into the diet. So :/


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    I think Fizzlex is talking about the stricter diet, not the website diet.

    I’ve seen people eat more eggs for more protein. If you can get through that first 12 days, you can add in chicken or fish and that will help. If you truly felt like you couldn’t function for 12 days on the other sources of protein, I guess I’d add in chicken. But I’d try to go as long as possible before doing so, just to give my digestive system the break it needs.


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    Hi Fizzlex-
    My heart goes out to you as I work an ‘on my feet’ physical job too. (I work with plants-nursery/gardener.) I’m at the 2 week mark on the forum’s Strict Diet. What has helped me get through the work days was hard boiled eggs-I cut them into halves in the morning and threw them into a container with spices. They are very easy to eat quickly and ‘on the sly’ while working. I don’t love them but in halves it’s easy to get them down in just a couple of bites! Hang in there!


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    Wow-good luck. I hope that you are able to rest when you get home. Is this a cold turkey stop, or have you already cut-out sugar, caffeine and gluten? If not, you will have a lot of withdrawal going on. Everyone is tempted to jump right in…but sometimes a slow start is better for long-term success. Sugar withdrawal is vicious! And keep in mind that sugar isn’t just found in candy and cookies-but in almost everything.

    The chia seeds will do a lot to carry you through. You can keep them with you, and swallowing 1 tsp in a glass of water (or 2 tsp) will do a lot for your energy level. They are my go-to food when I’m feeling really hungry.

    And I know everyone says that coffee is out…but cutting the coffee was my tipping point. It was during summer break, the kids were home from school and I just couldn’t do it. One cup of coffee a day kept me on the rest of the diet…for me, this has worked-out in the long term.

    Good luck and be patient with yourself. Remember, it probably took you some time to develop this condition-it will take you some time to get out of it- and that is okay.


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