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    Good morning everyone,

    First time poster, long time follower!

    Question for those that have successfully battled Candida- are there any protein powders out there that are “ok” to consume while on the Candida diet?

    I have been on PlantFusion ( and am wondering if the sugar content found in it could prohibit progress on an otherwise “perfect Candida diet”…
    I seem to be doing “ok” with it from a digestive standpoint.

    If this isn’t acceptable, any others that you could recommend?

    The tricky part has been the fact that I have Celiac, am allergic to corn, soy and dairy as well… makes for an interesting shopping experience 🙂

    Thank you very much for your help!


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    PlantFusion is FULL of chemicals!! It’s all protein isolates and fake sugars and crap-ola. Currently, I use 100% hemp protein powder, where the only ingredient is organic hemp. I mix it into my buckwheat or oat bran cereal every morning.

    Wheat, soy, corn, and dairy are all not a part of an anti-candida diet anyway, so you’re in the same boat as the rest of us.


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    I think Able said 100% organic hemp protien powder (unflavoured) is ok, but my advice would be don’t over dose on it. If I had it more than once a day it really effected my stool.


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    Thank you for the help! Well, just threw the whole thing away as I think it’s actually giving me other issues (sinuses have started flaring up which isn’t “normal” for me)…

    Something “comforting” to me with these types of “drinks” for some reason but out to the trash they go!

    Will try adding Hemp powder (100% organic of course) and see how it goes!


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    If you experience any symptoms after trying a product then it shouldn’t be consumed until you research why it caused problems. For instance, if you get a runny nose after consuming a product…this is a form of an allergic reaction. If you get red eyes, heart palpitations, ringing ears, headaches, bad bowel movements, etc. these are all allergic reactions.



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    well i tried brown rice and i did not have my typical symptoms (burning tongue, indigestion, ringing in the ears, coughing). however, what i am wondering is, there is only 2 carbs in a serving, so, if you dont have an allergic reaction to it (like i would to one mouthful of wheat), how could candida feed off of only 2 carbs?

    the reason i ask, i don’t get a reaction to fruit either, but i know it feeds candida, so how would i know if rice protein is feeding candida?


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    Protein powders are not a good idea for anyone that has any degree of fungal candida/bad bacteria. Protein powders can create too much ammonia too fast. My ammonia levels went through the roof when I was doing them. Better off eating some lean chicken, fish, or turkey. Lean meats are more slowly digested so the concentration of ammonia doesn’t come as fast. Again, it just depends on the how your body reacts/level of candida. Its not a good idea to rely on protein powders as a meal on a regular basis. You receive more variety of nutrients when you vary your protein sources.


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    I have been eating egg white protein and hemp protein with no problems at all. I only eat 6 grams at a time though.

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