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    As the title suggests really. Is the rice one OK? There’s a soy one but I’ve heard that soy is bad for leaky gut? The hemp one? Honestly I’m scared to try them as my gut is so bad at the moment.

    Any help/experiences are much appreciated!


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    Better off doing “ground” chicken or turkey breast. Lean fish can be an option too. Lean Fish, chicken, and turkey is less mucus forming than processed protein powders. Protein powders raised my ammonia levels too high. People that have higher levels of pathogens in their gut may have more issues with protein powders(creating faster levels of ammonia).

    Rice protein would be the better of soy or hemp protein. The hemp has a scratchy consistency which can be a little harder on the GI. Most soy proteins are over processed/mucus forming. Whey protein can be mucus forming for some that have digestive issues.

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