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    I’m trying to understand the options for protein for vegetarians trying to do a candida diet. Are protein powders allowed near, and if so, what types? I’ve been reading information to learn about the diet but this is unclear to me. I also saw one candida diet (listed elsewhere) that allowed tofu, but the rest don’t. I get that soy protein isn’t considered that healthy overall, but it is low carb so if a vegetarian needs protein is there any reason it could not be eaten on a candida diet? Or any other suggestions, besides eggs, nuts, and seeds?

    I’m trying to learn about this because our integrative doctor believes my 23 year old daughter’s health issues include candida overgrowth. She’s had a lot of problems for a year and a half now, and I really would like to find a solution to her health issues and am hoping she will agree to try this diet, but she has to make the decision to do so, and her main concern is to whether she can do this diet without losing weight and being hungry. She is very thin and really can’t afford to lose weight, so we are having trouble understanding how she can get enough calories on the candida diet. It just doesn’t seem like seeds, nuts and oils will be enough if she doesn’t have some other significant protein source. She will reluctantly eat eggs but not a lot of them. She also thought pea protein powder was pretty terrible when she tried it before, although maybe it was the brands we tried. She’s not a picky eater overall so is willing to eat most vegetarian food, but pea protein is just hard for her to deal with. Her usual protein sources are beans, milk/cheese, and soy, all of which are very limited or not allowed. Also, she is the only vegetarian in the family so neither her nor I are experienced in cooking more complex vegetarian foods. She is living with me currently since she hasn’t been well enough to locate a job since graduating college, which is very concerning to her career future if we can’t help her get better soon.

    Any ideas or explanations would be much appreciated.


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