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    Today was a great day. Today at work for the first time since early October I could remember my copy code for the copy machine. It is a 6 digit number. I had to write it on my ID because I couldn’t remember it. Well today I went to the machine w/o my ID and I punched it in like I knew it all along…and it worked and I didn’t even think about it. This was a huge step for me…it shows that I’m healing, and my brain fog is starting to clear out. I can’t thank all of you enough for your guidance, support and willingness to share your ups and downs so I can continue to learn from others and not just my own mistakes. I’m so thankful for all of you for your post and willingness to share.

    I concider this baby step a huge step for me 🙂


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    Congratulations, Jackie. You’re right, that is indeed a huge step. I know some people probably can’t see that, but I remember brain fog well, and that was absolutely one of the worse side effects of the infestation for me.

    I’m really happy for you, now go celebrate this weekend; just behave yourself, and I think you know what I mean, Ms. Walnut.



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    Wonderful news. Be happy and enjoy it big time. You know now that your body can heal and is healing. Then as a word of caution dont fall into depression when another area in your body starts healing up. It is possible that other parts of the intestines are cleanings up and you get for a short while sympthoms again.

    I was chocked when that happened and got confused about it.

    Keep in mind as a vision in your heart how a healthy body feels like and call up onto that picture in bad times.

    all the best to you


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    I remember this “aha” moment very well months ago and it is a great feeling! You are basically like “I am not so retarded now” (no offense to anyone intended). The fog has lifted! Good to hear!

    This is one of the many symptoms that will lift and go away hopefully for good. I look at each month as a phase of recovery where there is a noticeable change for the better. Imagine how you will feel after 4-6 months…it’ll be years since you felt so good!

    Keep it up!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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