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    what do the experts (or anyone) know or think of this product


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    i have herd that oral probiotics help also i wish they made a spray also but its called bliss k12 and also m18 you use a mouth wash fist like now foods xyliwhite then the lozenges use the gse also, i have thought about using nyastatin also


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    I sometimes put a few drops of olive leaf extract in my netti pot when feeling congested worse or when I get another sinus infection


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    Mooch, does the olive leaf extract work? I should try that. This is the time of year when I am likely to get a sinus infection. Since I’ll use the netti pot anyway, may be worth a try to ward off the infection.


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    I was thinking of breathing in a lot of hot steam infused with tea tree oil. What do you guys reckon?

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