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    Definitely not now, and probably after college, but I was looking at The Cost is probably about 1,000 dollars, but worth it if you consider an investment to totally get rid of the candida.

    I’m not so sure and really doubt that this would work without the proper diet and antifungals first. Although if I did have the money to waste I might actually try it. This is probably beneficial to those people who can’t seem to get rid of chronic candidiasis.

    Nuke the candida with everything you have for several months and then get this going on. Insurance has also been known to cover it. It is probably possible to find an open minded doctor to diagnosis for IBS or something similar.


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    The only downside to a treatment like this is that it doesn’t revert the form of pathogenic candida back to non-pathogenic candida. However considering its high success rate it might be worth it. And instead of spending tons of money to do it, you can just get some feces from a close relative and use it (put it into capsules, etc). However I definitely would think you would want it analyzed in a lab for parasites, candida, etc.


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