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    Probiotics are so darn expensive. Kefir is so cheap to make. Can one keep an infestation away on kefir alone, if you drink enough of it during the day. How important is DDS-1? I know it’s not in kefir, but other forms of L. Acidophillus are.



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    Unfortunately there is no way around it,I’ve diagnosed myself having candida and learned so much along the way.we all have trillions of good bacteria keeping candida at bay and in check, putting a couple hundred thousand probiotics from kefir or yogurt is like taking a glass of water to a house fire, in order to win this battle you must consume hundreds of billions everyday for months. I personally take “raw 100 billion”twice a day and 1theralac 33 billion.the second key is to be more alkaline and a lot less acidic,this means to add lots of vegetables and fruits and a lot less breads, junk food sugar, and cut meet to about 10percent of the normal diet,if any thing for at least a few months,oh and no caffeine or alcohol . Candida had me, loss of energy, depression, I thought I was losing my mind and my sight, now after almost a year I’m back on top. I hope this helps some, mike


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    Don’t forget about fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, kimchi) and kombucha. Also remember that water kefir and milk kefir are two totally different things (water kefir is actually a misnomer), with different strains of yeast and bacteria. All these are cheap to make. While they won’t replace the strains in a good probiotic, they each have their own sets.

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