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    Has anyone tried Theralac or Truflora? I have been taking Threelac along with some other supplements for quite awhile now and alot of my symptoms keep recurring or just never went away although some things seem better. I have had candidas almost my entire adult life and am 51 now so I have quite an array of symtoms. Starting to get very depressed again amd am looking for something new to try along with sensible eating habits…Did some reasearch into these 2 but have been on so many wild goose chases and so many dissappointments..


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    You need to make sure that these products guarantee to be alive at expiration. If at any time these products are not kept cold then it is a dead product and will do you no good. If your local health food store has an on staff nutritionist or dietitian asked them to help you.


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    I haven’t tried this one yet,but I have heard VSL 3 is a pretty effective probiotic. It has a whopping 450 billion per pill. I am afraid what that would do to me right now as even one billion bothers me a little. Although I am not at that stage yet. It is pretty expensive though. Anyway, good luck and if you do try it let us know how it goes.


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    I’m no expert however maybe the best thing to do is go back to the beginning and start with a cleanse. Then go to non starchy veggies, then move on to the probiotics. I know I’ve been overwhelmed with everything going on. So now when faced with healing myself I’ve had to simplify the healing process. Just some thoughts.

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