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    Another question I have is that I have heard from a few sources that one should not use probiotics unless they have tested their own gut flora to determine what strains they have before supplementing. The reasoning for this is that if you are adding in new strains of bacteria, while helpful, they may provoke an autou-immune response in the gut and cause even more problems than they solve. Anyone ever heard of this and if so should we all be using that Metagenics test before using Probiotics? I still use my 14 strain 50 Bil ProB from Innate Response but this is a good topic for a group that heavily relies upon Probiotics for healing. Like to know everyone’s thoughts, experiences etc.


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    I agree. I think People on this forum need to be more active with the type of results they are getting from the probiotics they are using.

    Some microbiologists estimate that the human gut can have hundreds and hundreds of different strains of beneficial flora in the gut. So one has to ask if taking 5-20 strains a day is going effect that balance/make any difference? There are are so many variables and grey areas with probiotics.

    You can get testing done. But there is really no supplemental probiotic that is going to match your own unique gut flora make up.

    Does the innate response make you feel any better after you take it? If you don’t feel any difference after taking it than you might be wasting your $$$.

    A good experiment for people to do would be to get a metageneics test done before taking probiotics then get another one done after taking the probiotcs to see if taking the probiotics actually makes any difference at all. I think a few people did this on curezone and they found out that the probiotics they were taking were not colonizing.

    Almost all probiotics/fermented foods just cause a bad immune response for me, with no real results. The only 2 that actually make me feel better are S.Boulardi and latero-flora. But these 2 cause a good amount of gut pain so I can only do them for so long. This is my own unique case though and others might have different results with what they take.

    If someone has too much fungal candida the candida will just wipe out any probiotic that is introduced into the gut. Probiotics are useless until the fungal candida is under control. Its sickening how much stronger fungal candida is than bacteria. Its cell wall is so much stronger and resilient bacteria doesn’t have a chance. They say it takes about 10 good bacteria just to keep one candida cell under control. So you can imagine if someone’s gut has been overtaken by fungal candida that probiotics just cause a bad immune response/symptoms with no results.

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